November 21, 2019

Points You Should Know to Optimize Amazon Bullet Points

There are main components in the Amazon product listing optimization. You have the title, description, bullet points, and backend section. This article will be focusing on one particular component to optimize and how can it be a game-changer for your product listing. We'll try to focus on how to optimize Bullet Points on Amazon Product Listing.

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Why Should I Pay Attention to Bullet Points?

Just like the other parts of the product listing, bullet points play a vital role. They provide more distinct information about the product you want your customers to know. Besides, many buyers wouldn’t be focusing more on the product description.

Customers want to read something short and concise. Thus, their attention will be diverted to the bullet points. Because on the bullet points there are some of the critical features of the product you are selling.

In addition, bullet points you can use not only for a description of the goods. In the text, you can add keywords that Amazon A9 Algorithm may take into account. This will give you an added edge over your competitors.

So if you want your product to be ranked at the top, you should really pay attention to optimizing this part of your listing.

What Are the Pieces of Information I Should Put to the Bullet Points?

Key Features

You can write the main features and benefits of the product. Note, that you should write concisely to make it easier to skim it by the customers. Although, the keyword is vital, don’t bombard it too much.

Main Advantages of the Product

Look at the bullet points from a different angle and view this as your marketing portion in the listing. Add the main advantages of using the product you are selling. This will ignite the interest of the customers in your product. But don’t overdo it, remember to make it concise, readable but not sacrifice the essence of structure and grammar.


After writing the advantages of the product, you should also state the benefits which the customers will get on using the product. This will keep your customers interested and engaged in the product you are selling.

How Many Bullet Points Can I Use?

Up to 5 slots are allocated for writing bullet points. The number of characters for each of them is determined by the category to which the product belongs. You can use up to 500 characters when writing the text for each slot. Therefore, when describing the benefits of your product, you can use all available bullet points.

However, it is important to consider the features of this component when doing Amazon Product Listing Optimization in order to achieve a better result. We’ll give you some tips to help optimize Amazon Bullet Points.

Tips for Writing Bullet Points

Bullet points are a kind of marker, according to which the buyer is guided whether it is worth buying your product. And if you cannot prove it to him quickly, you risk to lose your client. Therefore, use small tips for it.

  1. Using all 500 characters to describe one feature is not always justified. No one reads long and confusing descriptions. Many buyers simply slide across the text, and if you can’t keep their attention right away, you can consider the deal frustrated.
  2. Try to include a description of each advantage in 150-200 characters. It is easier to keep the client's attention without overloading it with unnecessary information. And this increases the likelihood that he will read all 5 key advantages instead of moving on to the next list of your competitor.
  3. Describe the main advantages in the first two to three bullet points. This is again due to the fact that the attention of buyers is difficult to attract. And if they look at the list of benefits, it means that they are really interested in your product. Therefore, it is important for you to show the key features at the very beginning.
  4. To emphasize key benefits, use caps at the beginning of each bullet point. This will help you pay attention to those important details that should convince the customer to make the purchase.
  5. Bullet points are a great place to use keywords. Here you can include in the text those search phrases that could not be added to the title. However, remember that their use should be as natural and appropriate as possible.

Can I Include Keywords?

As we mentioned, yes, you can, but you should never overdo it. As stated before, Amazon’s Search Algorithm focuses on the bullet points for keywords for ranking your product, but you shouldn’t stuff this part with too many keywords.

Going overboard with keywords would make your customer confused. Instead, stick to the main components that should be added to the bullet points and mix your keywords with them. There are more spaces where you can include the keywords anyways.


Bullet points sometimes are the portions where the customers will go to know about more products. Some don’t fancy reading lengthy descriptions. Instead, they want something concise and direct to the point. Following the tips for optimizing Amazon Bullet Points will help you to gain more sales and increase the product’s rank on Amazon too. Note, always follow the guidelines of Amazon!