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keywords tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

4 Times a Day

Tracking keyword positions 4 times a day to get exact data for optimizing Amazon Product Listing and grow organic sales.

Increase your listing visibility by 40% using relevant keywords found with TopBSR KW Rank Checker:

  • Checking keyword positions 4 times a day to get relevant keywords for optimizing Amazon Listing.
  • Dynamics of position change in relation to the previous day to track growth or decline trends.
  • Keyword positions graph changes for easy perception and point analysis.
  • Access to data for the last month, 3 months, or a year to track the dynamics of position growth.
  • Tracking competitors' product positions by keywords to improve your listing optimization strategy.

With our Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker you will know which keywords are generating traffic for your product listing and what rank they have.


Sales Dashboard

Live and Configurable

Sales Dashboard shows real-time information. It updates every 5 - 15 minutes. Use it to save 112 hours per month managing your Amazon-store:

  • Track orders and inventory to avoid "out of stock" situations and don't lose your dominance in Amazon search results.
  • Сontrol Sales, Net Profit, Fees, COGs to clearly calculate profits and develop your own effective sales strategies.
  • Track Amazon Products BSR to understand its competitiveness and note when demand is decreased.
  • View changes in data by time period (today, yesterday, this week, over the past month, or custom view) to make a reliable decision about your sales strategy.
  • Customize your dashboard to work efficiently on your desktop or mobile.
reviews tracker

Reviews Tracker

Timely and Easy

Managing Amazon Customer Reviews is crucial for every seller. Save your time and stop manually tracking new ones. Use our simple and easy Amazon Review Tracker to get notifications when a customer posts it.

  • Improve customer service by solving customer problems on time.
  • Build strong relationships with clients by providing the best service through fast complaint handling.
  • Be notified timely when you get new reviews (positive and negative) to maintain the seller's reputation and always be in touch with buyers.

Don't give a chance to spoil your product rating with negative reviews. Solve the customer's problems in time and start improving your Amazon Product Rating today.

feedback tracker

Feedback Tracker

Instantly and Easy-to-Use

Stay aware of what buyers think of you as a Seller. Get notification about Seller feedback instantly and work to improve the service you provide.

  • Monitor Feedback to respond to comments and provide a personalized service to each customer.
  • Analyze the level of customer satisfaction by collected data and improve the seller's strategy to boost your rating.
  • Streamline your daily workflow by tracking the data you need to improve your customers’ experience in a convenient and simple way in one place.
  • Provide customers with the best service by responding to their requests and comments timely, and increase the chance of next orders by 2-3 times.
Multiple Amazon accounts

Multiple Amazon Accounts

All Sales in One Place

You can add many Amazon Accounts from different marketplaces to our service and see all sales in one place.

  • Track orders, inventory, fees, and other metrics in one place, or evaluate the results for each marketplace separately - the choice is yours.
  • Save your time, getting complete data on sales volumes and commissions for all markets. Choose a period and analyze your work to achieve great results on Amazon.
  • Accurately, conveniently, timely.

TopBSR currently supports US, CA, MX, Brazil marketplaces.



Be Informed In Time

Notifications by email and in your account let you know about important events:

  • New Product Reviews;
  • New Seller Feedback;
  • Alerts.

Full notifications customization.

For mobile and desktop

For Mobile and Desktop

Work on Any Device

TopBSR is optimized for usage on mobile devices and for desktops. You can configure Sales Dashboard for both types of devices to get the best experience.

  • Customize Sales Dashboard for quick access to the most relevant data.
  • Change settings in two clicks.
  • Stay connected, track metrics and events in your account without desktop linking. Mobile is all you need.

Work when you need it. You control your business in any situation.

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Jessica B.
I’ve been using this tool for about 4 months to track the positions of my products by keywords. It’s simple and straightforward. This tracker displays accurate data, it really works. And this is exactly what I need.
David R.
I was looking for a keyword tracker that provides exact data. It is important for me to receive data on time so that I can use the correct keywords when creating a listing. TopBSR Keyword Tracker does its best.
Susan M.
What I like in this service is that instead of one tool, I get several at once: Sales Dashboard, Keyword Tracker, Reviews, and Feedback Tracker. For those who are just starting business on Amazon, this is very useful.
Sandy L.
A good tool considering its price. I just started using it, but I already like it.
George D.
I sell on different Amazon marketplaces and this tool helps me to save the time. I have connected accounts and now I can control sales and inventory using only it. It’s simple and useful.
Ellen C.
I was looking for a tool which helps me to improve product rating. And I found it! I saved a lot of time because I didn't have to check every keyword manually. This is inspiring!
Dan B.
A good service especially for the price. There is nothing superfluous, only the most necessary tools that every seller needs to use if he wants to succeed on Amazon.
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  • 7000 Orders per month
  • 300 Keywords
  • 50 Products tracked by reviews
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  • Basic
  • $27.00
  • 15000 Orders per month
  • 800 Keywords
  • 100 Products tracked by reviews
  • Order
  • Advanced
  • $49.00
  • 30000 Orders per month
  • 2000 Keywords
  • 200 Products tracked by reviews
  • Order
  • Custom
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    for your business
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Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to register to start using Keyword Tracker and Reviews Tracker. If you want to use Sales Dashboard too, you need to link your Amazon Seller Central account to TopBSR. It is quite easy and we provided Guide on page where you can add Amazon account.
TopBSR uses Amazon's MWS API's to access your sales data. This is Amazon's standard way of exchanging information with third party applications.
We take privacy and security extremely seriously. Our software is secured by industry standards. We store only the information which is needed for the reports, and nothing more.
Latest sales data in dashboard is updated every 5 - 15 minutes. Keyword data is updated twice a day.
Currently we support the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil marketplaces. If you need other marketplace, please Contact us.
TopBSR offers a 14–day money back guarantee from the date of payment. If, for any reason, within 14 days from the date of subscription, you want to unsubscribe and get your money back, we will refund the funds at your request. You may cancel your subscription at any time by writing us a short message by contact form
Relevant keywords increase Amazon Product Visibility by 30%. See how TopBSR works to make your daily job effectively and accurately