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Amazon Keyword Tracker

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4 times-a-day checking product’s positions to get exact data
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Graphs to analyse keywords performance better
Track your products and competitors' products to make a winning strategy
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4 Times-a-Day Tracking

To be informed timely

If it's important for you to track product positions and monitor rating changes after listing optimization, then frequent checking is your way to success.

Amazon Keyword Tracker checks positions 4 times a day to keep the data up to date. Don't miss the opportunity to grow your sales and dominate in your niche using Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking Service data.

keywords tracking

Get Exact Data Timely

To boost sales velocity

Not sure where your product is in organic search results on Amazon? Get an accurate data using simple and exact Keyword Ranking Tracker.

Track positions for selected keywords and know where you stand now. Use the data provided by Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker to find relevant keywords and use them to boost sales velocity.

keywords tracking

Graphs and Statistics

To see key points

Tracking product positions in organic search results on Amazon is crucial to your success. Monitor BSR and evaluate position changes using graphs provided by Amazon Keyword Ranking Tool for better understanding and point analysis.

You can easily assess how effective were your efforts when you optimize listing using statistics for a selected period (a day, a week, a month, etc.). Amazon Keyword Tracker provides you with the exact data about keywords position in organic search results which you need to do analysis better.

keywords tracking

Daily Position Changes Monitoring

To control changes daily

Don't want to dig into the data? Track only the total change in product position for all specified keywords compared to the last check. Amazon Keyword Ranking Tool will show you how much your rankings have gone up or down so you can track changes when you need them.

Want to fine-tune your listing to get the best results? Use Amazon Keyword Tracker data for each keyword to track changes in position from the previous check. This will help you to optimize listing by filtering out irrelevant keywords effectively and using only the most winning ones.

We check it 4 times a day so that you see the changes throughout the day and increase the product rating step by step with the right actions.

keywords tracking

Bring Your Competitors to the Light

To move up faster

Not sure what keywords your competitors use to rank high on Amazon? Try to find out it by using Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker.

Add keywords for tracking that you think your competitors use to rank higher. Track their positions and optimize your listing with this data in mind.

Improve sales strategy to leave competitors behind. Monitor the BSRs of their products to see what they have achieved so far and whether they are continuing to grow.

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How to Use Keyword Tracker Data?

AMZ Keyword Tool helps to track the position of the product in organic search results on Amazon by selected keywords. Using this data, sellers effectively optimize the listing with relevant search terms, using them in Title, Bullet Points, Description, Backend section. This allows you to improve product rankings, increase sales and boost SEO strategy.

Discover Keywords Ranking
Get data timely to control listing optimization process
Track the position of competitors to beat them honestly
Track position to use only relevant keywords
Monitor the organic position of your new products when starting selling them
Find out your BSR to understand where you stand and where your competitors are
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  • 7000 Orders per month
  • 300 Keywords
  • 50 Products tracked by reviews
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  • Basic
  • $27.00
  • 15000 Orders per month
  • 800 Keywords
  • 100 Products tracked by reviews
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  • Advanced
  • $49.00
  • 30000 Orders per month
  • 2000 Keywords
  • 200 Products tracked by reviews
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