June 1, 2021

How to Improve Amazon Product Ranking: Gray Methods, Which Your Competitors May Be Using

Amazon Product Ranking is a key identifier that every seller must pay attention to. Why do you need to do this? How to improve such a metric? We’ll tell you about it and other “must-have” points you need to know.

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Why Should a Seller Consider Amazon Product Ranking and Strive to Improve It?

From the seller's standpoint, BSR matters a lot for understanding market performance. It is a sign of how well the product is selling as opposed to competitors' products, which gives you an idea of where you are in the market. So, ideally, you need to have a low BSR score as much as possible. The best way to improve Amazon Ranking is to boost organic sales. It is obvious, but it is something sellers still struggle with. 

How Do Direct Sales Affect the Amazon Product Ranking and the Position of the Product in Organic Search Results?

If buyers find the item, he wants with the use of the Amazon search bar, and purchases, the position of the item arises after some sales. To draw more buyers, sellers might use different methods. We’ll tell you about some of them. But it is vital to know that such actions are considered gray techniques and not authorized by Amazon. So, if you don't want to break Amazon rules, don't use them. But you should know about such "gray" methods because your competitors may use them to boost sales.

Distribution of Goods Without a Discount in FB, IG groups, or on Other Social Media Platforms

This method gives good results, but it isn't easy to perform. The bottom line is that the seller finds a person and offers him to buy a product for a full price. And then a seller reimburses money to a customer. In this case, the seller usually asks for a review.

It isn't easy to organize this process on your own. Therefore, groups in social networks are often used for this. Such groups are very common on FB, IG, Telegram. There are special forums, communities whose members help unscrupulous sellers to promote their products in this way.

The point is, when sellers attract people, they increase the number of organic sales in this way. Plus, if customers leave positive reviews, it affects the rating of the product and improves it.

You should understand that this path is a direct violation of Amazon rules, which can lead to account blocking. Moreover, Amazon monitors suspicious activity on goods, reviews and doesn’t allow such fraud. Illegal reviews are removed, and you are left without a product, positive reviews, money that you paid for buying the product, and even with a warning about fraud or account block.

Own Group in Facebook for the Distribution of Goods

You can create your group, where you can distribute your goods to people for free (and at the same time refund the costs to customers who bought them on Amazon). The disadvantage of this method is that it is quite difficult to promote your group and attract people. It takes money and time.

In addition, if you ask group members to buy items and then reimburse them the cost (as in the method we described above), you also violate the rules of Amazon. This may lead to account blocking. Amazon prohibits any manipulation of the product that may affect the rating or opinions of potential buyers.

Distribution Services

There are many distribution services available to Amazon sellers.  They help to distribute the products to those who want to buy them at a significant discount. For the seller, this is good because you can easily get additional traffic to the listing and increase the number of sales, which leads to an improvement in the rating. However, you should be very careful when using such services. Amazon rules can be interpreted in different ways. In addition, excessive activity can raise suspicions by Amazon, especially if you are a new seller, or your product has just started to be sold on this marketplace.

You can launch your promotion using the tools and capabilities of Amazon. This way you will be sure that you are not breaking the rules and will encourage customers to buy your products.

Amazon Super URL: What Is It All About? How to Create and Utilize It?

An Amazon Super URL helps you to directly link to Amazon product listings, at the same time making the algorithm believe the click comes from organic search. By using specific keywords, you make the Amazon A9 Algorithm think that a customer found your product using a search bar in organic search results and bought it. Thus, many are trying to influence the number of sales and the rating of the product.

Looking ahead, this technology is no longer quite relevant. Amazon recognizes such links and manipulations quite easily and doesn’t consider them a "plus" to the rating. However, we’ll tell you about the technology to make it easier for you to understand its essence. In addition, on its basis, today dishonest sellers use a different improved method of attracting buyers (we’ll talk about it a little later).

So, Super-URL.

What Is Amazon Super-URL?

When you search for something using Amazon Search Bar and click on a product you chose, you’ll see a long string at the last part of the link to a listing. The link has information on how a customer came to the listing. It contains certain parameters that help Amazon to identify where the buyer came from, what he entered in the search bar, whether he came from external sources or used the Amazon search bar, etc. This makes it easier to track each click and control which keywords lead to purchase.

Once Amazon sees many sales for a specific item coming from a specific term of search, they are going to put the item to a higher rank for such a search term. If there were many searches for certain keywords and a lot of purchases of this particular product, people probably want to buy it. That’s how Amazon thinks. And it raises the ranking of a product in organic search results so that other buyers can also find this product and buy it.

Amazon Super-URL Parts

To understand how this works, you need to know what parts the Amazon Super URL is made of. Let’s look at an example.


The keywords that the customer used to find the product are displayed here:



The numbers that follow the “qid” parameter are the timestamp by which Amazon determines at what point in time the user was looking for an item.



Section “sr” - item position in search results. In our case - # 6.


Is It Legal or Not?

Strictly speaking, the use of such links is illegal, since it falls under the category "manipulation of sales, search results or ratings". There are no direct restrictions on this, but such actions fall into the "gray zone", which can have serious consequences for the seller's account. Therefore, we don’t recommend using them.

Of course, you can't create a Super URL yourself. Some special services and generators allow you to do this. However, you will do all this at your own risk, so think carefully about whether it is worth using.

Amazon Two-Step URL: Wat’s the Difference?

This is the next step to improve Amazon sales. Amazon 2-Step URL refers to the link that takes clients to the Amazon product listings in just a matter of two steps. Rather than going directly to the listing, customers land on the search result page with keyword searches filled out already. 

So, if the clients click into the listing of products, it will lead to an organic click that is attributed to the selected keyword. Once they buy, your product rankings for the particular keyword will have a natural boost. 

There are most common kinds of two-step URL: 

  • Storefront URL: brings up an item search in the seller storefront. The page will show all results, indexed for this keyword from a specific seller. Sponsored products or related items will be shown here too. If you have several items indexed by a selected keyword, they will be shown here, so keep in mind it, if you want to get the best results for only one specific product.
  • Brand URL: the same, as storefront URL, but brings up an item search in the brand storefront. 
  • Field-ASIN URL: refers to keyword search confined to a specific ASIN. 

Again, this is not fully legal according to Amazon’s TOS. You are still trying to manipulate rankings and sales; which Amazon will definitely not like. Therefore, we don’t recommend using this gray tactic.

However, unscrupulous sellers can still use Amazon 2-step URLs, driving additional traffic to the listing. And so, you have to understand how it works. There are special services that help to generate different types of such links. We’ll not list them here. If you decide to use this method, then finding such services will not be difficult.


Some sellers determined how to make additional traffic into an improvement for the Amazon product Ranking. However, gray methods have never led to long-term excellent results. Sooner or later, Amazon detects such sellers, removes fake reviews, or blocks accounts. Do you want to be among them?

The most superb and excellent way of improving Amazon search ranking is to develop a very powerful brand, get honest positive reviews, make sales, and drive organic search traffic by using Amazon Listing Optimization and improving customer service.

Use honest methods of struggle and keep selling, because it is profitable!