August 16, 2021

Amazon Super URL: What Is It and Does It Really Work Today?

Are Super Amazon URLs dead? What is the most efficient way to increase the rankings of your product?

Would you like to flourish on Amazon, particularly in competitive categories? Then you need to be sending external traffic to them. However, if you send that traffic to Amazon, how exactly should you link to your listings?

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Take note that sending customers directly to your product detail page is not always the best way. In this article, we will talk about Amazon Super URLs. We'll also talk about why external traffic to an Amazon listing generated using the Amazon Super URL can harm your business.

What Is Amazon Super URL? What Is It Used For?

To make it short, Amazon Super URLs are links utilized to help rank your products higher on Amazon, which involves targeted keywords the seller prefers to boost rankings for.

Does that sound too much to take in? Generally, an Amazon Super URL is a link used to send buyers to your Amazon page or redirect your customers from an external source or site. It’s an excellent way of driving traffic to your product listing. Keep in mind that using Super URLs can offer you the control you have always desired as a seller.

The URL for Amazon is represented in the form of an internal link. Every time users click on it, they are delivered to your product page. However, Amazon registers that visit as if the customers opened the Amazon site, searched for your item, and clicked on it.

How Does Super URL Work?

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon Super URLs are used to trick the A9 algorithm into thinking that a shopper found a listing using the standard marketplace search method. This is because Amazon tracks shoppers' activities to provide them with the best customer experience. Therefore, data on when using what keywords and where the buyer came from is important. This data is partially displayed in the links, which are formed at the moment when the buyer goes to the listing after searching for a certain product.

If the Amazon Super URL is generated correctly, the Amazon A9 algorithm will consider the click "organic". If there are a lot of such links to the listing using a certain keyword, this will serve as a signal of the popularity of the keyword among buyers and the popularity of your product, which will be relevant to this search query. Therefore, the ranking of the product will grow and its position in organic search results will also grow. The more times a keyword is searched, the higher its ranking will be. Thus, the higher the keyword ranking is, the more it gets connected with your product, and the much higher Amazon places it in search results.

Each such link used in external sources to attract customers (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, posts) is treated as a link to a listing, which occurred as a result of an organic product search on Amazon.

To better understand how this works, let's look at a link to a product that can be obtained from search results using the Amazon search bar.

Let’s say, we are looking for a hair dryer. When we put the keyword “hair dryer” into Amazon Search Bar, Amazon A9 Algorithm will show results related to this keyword term. When we choose a product and click on it, the product’s page will be opened. Look at the address bar at the top of the page and you'll see something like this:


We will look at the individual parts of the link that are relevant to the Amazon A9 Algorithm.

This part indicates the keyword by which the product was searched. Therefore, if you want to increase the ranking of a product for a selected keyword, your Super URL must contain exactly that keyword.


This is the timestamp used by Amazon to determine at what point in time the customer followed the link to the product listing.


This number shows the position in organic search results that your product was in when you clicked on it.

Why do you need to know all this? You should understand what kind of identification data Amazon uses. Of course, when generating Super URLs, you need to take into account not only them. However, these parameters are very important for a successful result.

Since the Amazon algorithm is constantly being improved, it becomes more and more difficult to use such links successfully, if not to say that it is almost impossible.

If you want to try this technology, we advise you to use special generators that will cope with it perfectly. The second option is to use services for this.

How to Use Super URL?

Amazon Super URL should be used if you plan to attract external traffic sources to promote your product:

  • Facebook Ads;
  • Instagram Ads;
  • Email marketing;
  • Google Ads;
  • Link on your site.

All you need is to generate Amazon Super URLs and use them in your chosen promotion channel.

Remember, however, that if different shoppers go to the listing using the same link, it will contain the same timestamp. Therefore, the algorithm will not consider this action as targeted. Moreover, it will raise additional questions about your product and listing, which may entail sanctions from Amazon. That is why you should not use the first generator or service that comes across but carefully choose it.

Amazon Super URL could come useful in other scenarios such as:

  • You like to drive traffic to your Amazon product page that will lead to higher sales.
  • A fast, short-term way to go above other competitors.
  • Launch a new product where the buzz is not as established as longer-selling products.

Moreover, Amazon Super URL improves seller ranking, if customers buy the product when they go to the listing and not just leave it.

Therefore, if you are sure that your Listing is optimized and prepared, you can test this technology.

However, do not expect too good results from it. After all, the Amazon algorithm is constantly being improved, and the system recognizes such manipulations quite well. Don't use too many of these links. You should also not resort to them for a long period of time, because it can lower the rating. We'll talk about why this can happen further.

Why Amazon Super URL Might Make Things Worse?

We mentioned that driving traffic to the listing is very important. The more buyers go to the product page using certain keywords, the higher Amazon evaluates it in the ranking. However, if the sales are low, you will only harm yourself. Additional listing traffic and the absence of purchases tell Amazon that something is wrong with the product because buyers refuse to place an order. So, the Conversion Rate decreases. Amazon will mark this and may later downgrade the product's position in organic search results. So, if you're driving external traffic to your listing, make sure there will be purchases.

Is It Against Amazon’s Rules to Use Super URLs?

You may not be one of those enthusiastic readers of Amazon’s Terms of Service. For those who are not, you may be asking if that’s a manipulation or against the platform’s Terms of Service. Well, it’s a "yes" and a "no" at the same time.

Amazon writes on their TOS that unfair behavior involves activities, which can be perceived as manipulating the search results or Amazon product rankings. The keyword is “perceived,” putting Super URLs in a grey area.

Whether Super URLs are deemed to be part of that is only a matter of interpretation.

Just remember that Amazon can tell whether a specific link is manufactured by timestamp, cross-examining the keyword, and search rankings. Hence, a less sophisticated Super URL generator might put you at risk of running afoul of Amazon.

What Is the Threat of Using Such Links to the Seller?

Being ranked well in the high search volume results of Amazon indicates a substantial increase in sales and profitability of a product. That’s why sellers do many things to contest for the top positions. You see, Amazon Super URLs have developed to be a crucial option for sellers.

It is supposed to help sellers ranked higher in the organic search results. When this option first came out, it really made great results to salespeople who used it correctly. However, the risk of account blocking was still quite high. Now Amazon's algorithm has improved significantly, and this risk is even higher.

Should I Use Super URLs?

Should you generate an Amazon Super URL today? Amazon Super URL indeed improves seller ranking, but it is considered outdated and is rarely used today. It is not very effective because the Amazon algorithm recognizes such tricks. Today, the 2-step URL is more efficient, providing sellers with a practical and effective approach to manage their key phrase rankings.

Final Words

No matter if you are launching a brand-new product or trying to improve a current one, keyword-targeted URLs work well at increasing your visibility for specific key phrases and converting that improved visibility into a slow stream of natural gross sales.

There you have it! We hope you finally understood the answer to the question What is an Amazon Super URL?” Hopefully, this guide has been informative and educational as well.