January 23, 2019

Amazon Feedback Email Request + Template [UPDATE 2021]

If you are a Seller on Amazon, it is extremely important for you to pay special attention to customer feedback. It will deliver a large number of benefits to you and you will be able to ensure your success in the long term. For example, having a large number of customer feedback under your store can improve buyer confidence. Therefore, you will be able to increase the sales volume and get more profit. Let's dive in!

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Each buyer can leave feedback about how Amazon Seller works. Bad Seller Feedback can harm the health of your account. Your account can be even blocked. A large number of negative Seller Feedback also affects the ability to win a Buy Box. Those people who sell on Amazon understand how important this is, so they make a lot of effort to get a Buy Box. You can't just miss the opportunity to add a few "plus" points to your score if you receive positive seller feedback. Therefore, you need to understand how to incentivize buyers to share their opinions and not violate the rules when requesting feedback on Amazon. You can use a series of emails for this, or get by with one email. The main thing is that as a result you get feedback and improve the seller's rating.

Amazon Seller Feedback


Why Should I Ask a Buyer to Leave a Feedback?

The opinion of customers about your store and customer service is very important for several reasons. One of them is Seller Rating, which is an important metric. The possibility of winning a Buy Box depends on it, which directly affects the number of sales. If you want to maintain a high rating, you probably want to send a request for Seller Feedback. This way you can get the marks you need faster in order to stand out from the competitors.
The second point that should definitely interest you as a seller is the possibility of improving your product and the service that you provide. You can improve the goods if you read product reviews carefully. Here you will find flaws or defects that arise during its uses. And you can improve them when producing the goods. As for the service that you provide, Seller Feedback will help you here. If you send an Amazon Feedback Request Email, you may receive not only good or bad marks but also recommendations on what exactly you need to improve in order to stay ahead.

Tips on How to Write Amazon Feedback Request Email

Today, Amazon allows a buyer to submit a request using the Request a Review Button. In this case, the buyer receives a standardized email, where he can evaluate the product itself and the experience of interacting with the seller.
The advantage of this method is that when you send such an email, the likelihood of getting a Product Review and Feedback is higher. The buyer doesn't need to perform additional actions. It is enough just to put down the marks and that's it.

On the other hand, you, as a seller, don't receive additional information about how buyers liked or disliked the product, what could be improved, and whether there are any problems with customer service. Therefore, you can use another option - write one letter to the client with a request to leave feedback. If you can contact a customer directly, it greatly increases your chances of getting more information and avoiding bad ratings. After all, you can solve the problems and make sure that the client is satisfied with the purchase and the product itself.

In order not to come up with new letters every time, you can use a template for requesting feedback. However, its writing should be taken very seriously.
In the best case, you don't get feedback at all. In the worst case, if you often send emails with incomprehensible content, you risk to get a bad rating from an angry client and a ban from Amazon.

Personalize your email. Show the buyer to whom it is addressed that he is not just another customer out of a hundred. He is the person whose opinion you are really interested in.
Next, we will give some tips on how to write such letters and what not to do in order not to get banned from Amazon.

1. Think carefully about your subject line.

It directly depends on whether the client wants to open the email and whether he will do it. If the topic is not interesting, your email will go to the trash. Use something like "About your Amazon order [order ID]" or "Information about Amazon order [order ID]". You can test several theme options to see which ones are closest to your customers.

2. Use the first name if you know it.

This approach is much better than the simple phrase "Hello, dear customer". If you write "Hi, Jack", in the eyes of the client you will show interest in him, which will come in handy. Of course, if you don't know the first name, then limit yourself to a regular greeting like "Hi, there" or "Hello!".

3. Thank the client for choosing your company, your store, indicating the brand/company name.

This will explain to the customer who is writing to him and remind him about your brand or store again.

4. Make email useful. 

If you write an email just for asking for feedback, then it will not be of any benefit to the client. Therefore, he can simply ignore it. But if you approach it from the other side, then the likelihood of success will increase. Give the customer additional guidance or tips on how to use your product, attach a recipe book, videos of how your product might be useful, etc. Perhaps you didn't mention something in the product description on the listing or didn't show it in the photo. By sending an email, you have the opportunity to fill this gap.

5. Don't write long emails. 

Nobody reads them. No one will waste their time reading the story of your journey on Amazon, delving into your problems, and assessing how important it is for you to get feedback. Stay brief. Write only the most important and basic, so as not to lose the client's attention.

6. Write directly about what you want.

The ultimate goal of your email is to get feedback. Don't beat around the bush, write directly about why you contacted the client and what you want from him. But stay polite and interested as you do so. Customers don't owe you anything, so don't demand, but ask for feedback.

 7. Use the information that is specific to a particular order or product.

Show the client that his opinion is important to you. When writing a letter, use information that is specific to a particular product or order. Include the order ID, product name, mention your company/brand, use the delivery date to personalize the text. In short, make this letter look like a personal one, addressed only to this specific customer.

8. Use images when writing letters.

Add a photo of the product that was purchased, add a company logo or other images that will help the client to understand what kind of product or company you are talking about. Adding a logo will help to increase brand awareness, expand the audience of regular customers of goods that you produce under this trademark.

9. Explain to the client that you are ready to help with any difficulties or problems.

Amazon prohibits stimulating positive feedback by any means, including monetary rewards, discounts, and other methods. However, you can tell the client directly that you are ready to solve the problem so that he is completely satisfied with the order and your product. Ask him to contact you if he has any difficulties. This will show that you care about his interests and reduce the likelihood of receiving negative marks.

10. Don't pressure the client, stay friendly.

This is a fairly simple tip, but not everyone follows it. Often emails are very formal when the seller pursues only his goal, which is to get feedback. But imagine if a client is dissatisfied with something, and you send him a dry, short and lifeless letter asking for feedback. Even if the person initially didn't intend to leave negative feedback, after such a message, he, most likely, will do it.

Amazon Feedback Request Template

Here's an example that you can use as an Amazon Feedback Request Template. Of course, you can modify it and add or remove unnecessary blocks to adapt it to your business needs.

Hi, [Client's First Name]!

Thank you for your recent order [order ID]. We are grateful that you have chosen our company, and we hope that you are completely satisfied with the product [name of the product]. We want to give you some tips on how to use our product in the best way so that you can get the most out of it. You may not have considered these options yet, and maybe they will be useful to you.

We would also like you to rate your buying experience. This will help us to improve our customer service so that you can get better service in the future. Please take a couple of minutes of your time for us and write your opinion.

If you have any problems with your order, please feel free to contact us so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible.


(First Name, Last Name)

(Company Name)

You can use this Amazon Feedback Request Template to start communication with your clients in order to give them the best customer experience. Or you can create a better one just to make sure you take into account all the points which are important to your business.


Now you are aware of the steps that you must follow in order to send an Amazon Feedback Request Email. You are encouraged to do it and experience all the positive results that you will be able to get in the long run. If you make it a habit, you will be able to ensure your long-term success on Amazon and go on a successful journey.