September 12, 2019

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

Any Negative Feedback is always a blow to the brand reputation and your reputation. You, as a seller, must understand this and make every effort to ensure that there are no such feedbacks. However, if you are still rated low, it is important to know how to remove Negative Feedback on Amazon. We will try to help you and tell you what are the ways to do this.

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Why Is It Essential not to Receive Negative Feedback

A seller like you doesn't need to receive a Negative Feedback from clients; this is because:

1. Negative Feedback lessens your possibilities of winning the Buy Box. What is Buy Box? It is a box located on the detail page of your product, which allows the clients to put in the item to their shopping cart.

2. Negative Feedback also leads to the cancellation of your privileges to sell on Amazon. This online store measures ODR or Order Defect Rate that is the percentage of the orders, which have received negative feedback besides other poor client’s response and reactions. 1 and 2-star ratings are regarded as negative feedback. According to Amazon, having a1 percent of ODR can lead to losing seller privileges. So, meaning sellers who have 1 percent or more of orders with 1 or 2-star rating could revoke their privileges.

3. Neutral feedback is also damaging. Any feedback from the client that is three stars or less can be harmful to the profile of the seller. That is because Amazon tracking seller feedbacks and does not only measure seller feedback that has an average five-star rating.

Amazon Feedback Removal

There are many factors where Amazon feedback removal request is applicable, such as:

Product Reviews. Amazon provides a produce review service to customers for every item, and so, when the feedback includes only of product review details, you can send Amazon feedback removal request. But, if the feedback is made of both service and product reviews by the seller, then this will not be deleted by Amazon unless the customer uses offensive language.

Promotional Content. Any links or comments regarding other websites or merchants are considered inappropriate feedback.

Obscene/ Abusive Language. Amazon doesn’t put up with the obscene or offensive language in a section of its website. When a critic has posted feedback that has violent words and abusive verbal, a seller can report this to Amazon and request for a removal.

Personal Information. Amazon forbids feedback, which includes identification information of the users of the site.

What Do You Need to Do to Get the Feedback Removal by Amazon?

If you believe that negative feedback violates the Amazon rules and regulation or falls under FBA accountabilities and you’re an FBA seller, you can ask for its removal. But, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Open your seller account.
  • Go to Customers and orders, and this is located at the left side of the page.
  • Put in Order Id then choose Next tab.
  • Give the information and reason why you want to remove the feedback. Fill out the Amazon feedback request template, which you will see, and then expect the result.
  • After submitting your request, Amazon will assess the feedback and know whether it must be deleted.

Contacting a Customer to Remove Feedback

Amazon feedback remove can also be done by directly contacting the customer.


How to Request the Buyer for Changing Feedback

The simplest way to keep in touch with the clients concerning negative feedback is from Feedback Manager in Seller Central. Following the feedback rating is a choice to reply to the feedback and access the email adds of the client to send a message.

Take time with the complaint; assess what happens and how you can address it. Then email the client with proposed solutions to resolve the issue. Once he or she replies, and accept, ask to remove negative feedback on Amazon. Once you handle things graciously, he must be open to making it right from his end. Help him towards this action by giving Amazon feedback removal instructions.  You can also give your client the Amazon feedback request link to make the process easier for him.

What Can't Be Offered to the Buyer and What Actions Forbids Amazon to the Seller Trying to Remove Negative Feedback?

You have to be extra careful when calling unhappy clients. There are specific steps you can try to enhance their experience. But, taking other steps, your Seller Account will suffer.

Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities lay out some clear principles of how to keep in touch with a client. They state that unsolicited emails to customers of Amazon are prohibited. But, calling them for a specific reason like customer service is permitted. An unhappy client who says he is trying to talk to customer service or haven’t been able to contact customer service falls in the range of what is permitted.

You must not call a client with promotions, discount, or other rewards aside from a refund. Amazon clearly states that emails associated with marketing communication of any form are forbidden. Incentives could be seen as such and it could get seller account flagged.

Amazon’s incentivized review policy applies to the feedback for the seller. You can’t provide compensation for negative feedback just as you can’t offer if for a product review. When you do this, it can result in getting suspend the platform by Amazon.

You can request for feedback; on the other hand, you can in no way encourage or coerce a client to remove or leave feedback. Address the issue; never look for a simple way out.

What Do You Need to Do If the Buyer Doesn't Want to Change/Remove the Feedback?

So, you had no chance with the customer or with Amazon, what is your next move?

If you have been incapable of persuading the customer to delete the negative feedback and you have been ineffective in requesting Amazon to remove the feedback, you have one way left.

If you feel the feedback is not fair, you can reply to that feedback on Amazon. In making a response, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to  Seller Feedback Manager.
  2. Scroll down and choose View Current.
  3. Feedback.
  4. Look for the relevant feedback and press Respond.
  5. Type in the response.
  6. Click submit.

In your response, politely and clearly explain that you were feeling sorry to hear that he or she (client) was not happy, which you do not agree with his feedback and which you tried to address the situation promptly. You can also include a little explanation of why you think the feedback is untruthful or not fair. 


Hopefully, as a seller on Amazon, some of your feedback will be constructive and will reflect the best service, which you offer. In the unfortunate case of the occasional off-putting feedback, following this Amazon feedback remove guide will assist you in assessing the situation quickly.