February 14, 2021

What Is the Amazon Request a Review Button?

Recently, Amazon Request Review Button was added to the Order Details Page of the Seller Central Account of the users. This option has raised many questions from sellers about how to use it correctly and how effective it can be. Most of the sellers are getting upset when it comes to request reviews on Amazon, because it may be contrary to Amazon’s policy. The new option should help sellers in this matter. Let's take a closer look at how to get more Amazon reviews and not violate company policy.

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Why Did Amazon Create a Request a Review Button?

Every Amazon seller faces the challenge of getting reviews. Buyers are reluctant to leave them, so sellers have to specifically contact customers and ask them to share their opinions. The problem is that such requests are often contrary to Amazon's policy and directly ask for positive reviews. Moreover, sellers often go for tricks and promise buyers a reward in exchange it offering discounts, refunds, or other gifts.

Using the Amazon Request a Review Button allows you to get it in an absolutely legal way without bypassing the Amazon rules. This gives sellers another opportunity to get product reviews, which are especially important while launching new products. Amazon reduces the likelihood of manipulation with reviews in this way and pushes buyers to share their opinion about the purchased goods.

If you want to send a review request for a specific order, Amazon will directly send a request to the customer. Once the request was already sent to the one, it is not advisable to send another message just to follow up with that buyer. This avoids spam, which is actually a problem for clients. After all, sellers often ignore the rules and try to get a review on the purchased product in every possible way. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the Amazon Request a Review Button was added to the Seller Central Account of the users.

How Does the Request a Review Button Work?

The Request a Review Button is situated in Seller Central of the site, on the page details for every order of the buyer. This can be found in the upper right section of the mentioned page and next to the button to send a refund.

If you press the button, then an email will be directly sent to the customer by Amazon. In this email, there is a request to provide feedback or review about the product. Since Amazon is the one who sends the message to the buyers the seller has no means to customize or edit the message. Amazon automatically translates the content into the language of the users.

The requests for the product reviews must be sent between 5-30 days when the delivery of the order is made. You cannot also send another request on the same order. Furthermore, their message has no option to reach out directly to the seller if the customers have some concerns pertaining to the order or product. This feature only allows the seller to request Amazon reviews and seller feedback, using the simplest means based on the policies and guidelines of the Amazon site.

Benefits of Using a Request a Review Button

On the one hand, this option significantly increases the seller's chance to get reviews for their product. After all, buyers are reluctant to leave reviews, especially if they are completely satisfied with the goods. Meanwhile, reviews affect the rating of the product and its position in the Amazon search results. Therefore, it is very important to get it if you want to be successful on Amazon.

On the other hand, using the request button deprives you of certain advantages (for example, the ability to build communication between the seller and the buyer, using the company logo, etc.). Amazon seeks to control this part of the seller's work too, which many sellers may not like.

But now let's talk about the benefits of this option. There are several advantages that you can get out of using the Amazon Request a Reviews button. Some of them include:

  1. It allows you to avoid numerous requests since there’s only one type of message that will be triggered directly to the buyer's email.
  2. It can automatically translate the contents of the message into the preferred language of the customers.
  3. This automatically prevents sending many requests to the buyers who have already provided feedback or left a review.
  4. This contains clickable stars that may also catch the interest of the customers.
  5. This is 100% compliant according to Amazon’s Policy. Therefore, there’s no risk of providing content that may not be allowed by the company.
  6. Getting new positive reviews has a move-up effect on the product's rating. This helps to grow your business through simple steps and it doesn't need to use any special tools for this.

Why Should I Use Amazon Request a Review Button?

If you’re a seller, it is advisable to use the button on the page if you want to ask for reviews. It is because you can have a guarantee that the contents of the message will be according to the policies or guidelines of Amazon. Since Amazon directly sends the message with the product review request to the buyer, they already have the format based on their terms and conditions. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the contents of the message. Moreover, you can avoid being banned from Amazon since you do not violate their policies.

Another advantage when using such a button is the ability to select the product and order for which you are requesting reviews. This allows the seller to select only those products for which the Request a Review Option is necessary.

Can I Customize the Template that Is Sent by Clicking on this Button?

You can’t edit or customize the content of the message since Amazon is the one that sends a review request message to the customers. You just need to wait until the buyers provide their feedback and reviews out of the transactions that they have made.

And this is the main drawback of the new option. Amazon deprives sellers of the ability to customize requests, change text, or add their own logo. However, the review request contains the name of the product and the name of the seller to be rated. However, this approach does not allow to distinguish the brand from others, to increase its recognition.

How Many Times Can I Submit a Request Using Amazon’s Request a Review Button?

According to the policies and guidelines of Amazon, you only need to send a request once for the product review. So, once the request was already sent to the buyers, then you don’t need to send a follow-up message to the same customer. You need to use the button for one order and then wait for the feedback or product reviews of the buyers. If you want to get feedback for several orders, you will have to use a separate button for each of them to submit the request. Amazon has its feature so that buyers will not receive multiple spam messages to their email.

Can I Keep Requesting Reviews Through Buyer-Seller Messaging?

Most of the sellers are getting upset when it comes to get reviews on Amazon. The company's review policy is strict enough that you can easily get banned if you break the rules. But you definitely need to request reviews, otherwise, you will not see sales growth. Therefore, you have two ways:

  1. Use the Amazon Request a Review button in the Seller Central Account once for one order.
  2. Request reviews through buyer-seller messaging or via email once for one order.

Even though there is an Amazon’s Request a Review option that would be helpful for you, you may also opt to request some product reviews through the use of the buyer-seller messaging. At least, in this way, you can have the opportunity to create your own content or message in which you may also include branding features. You may opt to use this mode of requesting reviews to your buyers, provided that you will adhere to the policies and communication guidelines of Amazon.

Can I Utilize the Amazon Request a Review Button and Send an Additional Email Asking for Reviews?

As what being mentioned above, all sellers are not encouraged to use the Request a Review Button and e-mail request for one order because this is against the rules and regulations of Amazon.  If you send another message just to follow up with the buyers about their feedback or reviews, then spam messages will be received by the customers, which may trigger the buyers to be upset. You can’t use both options for the same order.

Final Words

Requesting a product review or feedback from the buyers is not that easy. What you need is more time and patience since you need to wait for their response. It would be better to use the request a review button properly so that your account will not be suspended on Amazon. By doing such things based on the site’s terms and conditions, you have a guarantee that you can properly do your transactions online without compromising the reputation of your business.