May 1, 2020

Amazon Review Groups on Facebook: Is It Legal to Use Such Сommunities for Getting Positive Reviews?

Do you sell products on Amazon? Then you know exactly how difficult it is to gain the trust of customers and convince them to buy your product. And you probably understand that the availability of reviews is very important in this matter. Ever heard of Amazon Review Groups on Facebook? If not, then it's time to find out what it is and whether it is possible to use this method to get product reviews on Amazon.

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Positive Review Is a Guarantee of Successful Sales of Goods

Why are so many people afraid to buy new products in online stores? It is difficult to assess the real quality of the product, imagine how convenient and practical the selected goods are in reality, to see their real appearance, and not a studio photo. Therefore, when buying people often pay attention to the reviews of those customers who have already purchased a thing and can share their impression of it.

Reviews give you, as a seller, many benefits:

  • increasing customer confidence;
  • sales growth;
  • the ability to evaluate the quality of the product and find its "weaknesses" that can be fixed;
  • reviews of competitors' products help to make your product better at the stage of its development and production.

It is proved that the more positive reviews the product has on Amazon, the more willing potential buyers are ready to purchase it. The problem is that it’s very difficult to get positive reviews for a new product that nobody has purchased yet.

You, as a seller, must understand how important this is. And you probably have already explored many possibilities for this. Today we want to talk about another way to get reviews - groups on Facebook.

Facebook Groups for Reviews: How Does It Work?

Amazon Review Groups on Facebook are communities that bring together sellers of goods and buyers who are willing to purchase them, and then write a review.

Of course, not everyone wants just to leave a review about a product. That is why participants in such groups are invited to write reviews for the reimbursement of the purchase price and additional cash bonuses.

Now it’s better not to use this method because Amazon has become easy to identify members of such groups and quickly find reviews from such users. And we tell you about this method only so that you understand how other unscrupulous sellers can receive five-star reviews for their products.

Previously, the number of such groups was very large, so finding them on Facebook was quite easy. Today their number has decreased, but if you want to find them it will not be difficult.

To become a member, you must submit an application to the group administrator, since most of them are closed for access without invitation. After that, sellers can search for reviewers and negotiate with them about the sale of goods and writing a review.

Today in such groups often use the so-called chat bots, which automatically find reviewers and invite them to write reviews about the product in exchange for a refund of its value or other bonuses.

So, here is a list of steps that a seller must follow to get Amazon Reviews:

  1. Find the group on Facebook and apply for joining it.
  2. Propose a task for reviewers in the group.
  3. Choose the one who will write a review about the product.
  4. After the publication of the review, provide the reviewer with a fee.

But remember that these actions are contrary to Amazon ToS. And we described this method so that you know how dishonest sellers get reviews.

Why the Use of Such Groups Is Illegal?

As we mentioned earlier, such reviews are considered incentivised and violate Amazon policies. The company is constantly struggling with such violations and banned hundreds of accounts of sellers and reviewers who are suspected of participating in Facebook review groups.

Today, any incentive defense is illegal. It doesn’t matter if you give out coupons at a big discount, ask to leave a positive review, using product inserts, or participate in groups on Facebook. Any of these actions can lead to a complete suspension of your account and loss of business.

Use Honest Ways to Get Reviews

You can use several methods to get reviews for your product. Here are some of them.

  1. Amazon Early Reviewer Program.

If your product has no reviews, become a member of this program. Amazon will select buyers at random who will be able to purchase goods and leave reviews. Read more about this program in our article.

  1. Amazon Vine.

This is a closed program for vendors who want to receive reviews for their products. For most sellers, this program is quite expensive, so before participating in it, read more about this program from our article.

  1. Email lists.

Sending letters to customers is a great way to talk about your product, as well as to ask them to leave reviews about it. It is important that the letter does not contain a direct request for a positive review. You also should not mention any possible compensation in exchange for feedback. 


Summing up, it is worth recalling once again: any incentivized reviews are strictly prohibited by Amazon. Therefore, participating in the Amazon Review Groups on Facebook is a misguided business strategy. You risk not only your business on Amazon but the reputation of your brand.

Use proven review methods and respond to negative reviews in time to achieve your desired success on Amazon.