February 1, 2021

How to Increase Product Visibility on Amazon: Methods that Really Work

Would you want to find out more about how you can increase product visibility on Amazon? Online merchants are always trying to make a stable earning on Amazon by selling their goods to shoppers.

Nevertheless, creating a listing on the platform is only the start of becoming an online seller. Take note that you must consider different aspects to make sure you create a listing that will convert visitors to buyers. One of them is product visibility.

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What Is Product Visibility? Why Is It Essential to any Amazon Seller?

Amazon product visibility refers to shoppers’ ability to explore, distinguish, and engage along with products. Moving your products up in the Amazon Search Results is a significant effort, which goes beyond simple words.

You see, visibility helps to boost your revenue cost-efficiently. That one is no secret. More visibility is equal to more potential customers.

Amazon A9 Algorithm understands customer needs and strives to give them the best experience. Therefore, the products they can buy most likely appear higher in the search results. And the higher this position, the higher the chances of selling the product. You are as interested in this as Amazon, which profits from every sale. Therefore, increasing the visibility of the product is your priority task, because the number of sales depends on it. And the visibility of the product directly depends on how willing buyers are to make a purchase of your product.

 It seems like everything is a little complicated, doesn't it? Let's dive deeper into this process!

What Factors Can Affect Product Visibility on Amazon?

You will find a few factors you need to remember that can impact product visibility on Amazon. If you work on each of them, you’ll see an increase in sales and the rise up of listing position in the search results on Amazon.

  • Amazon Listing Optimization

Getting your listings on Amazon is just one step. However, following through and making your products visible to potential buyers and getting to know their buying process is where the lifting comes in.

Take an SEO approach to your listing and optimize it by relevant keywords whenever needed. There must be an emphasis on customizing them for visibility, relevance, and conversion.

Keywords are one of the most important SEO listing optimization options. Use them in accordance with the requirements of Amazon so that the A9 algorithm doesn’t consider you a violator (i.e. don’t overdo it with filling the listing with keywords). To search for relevant and effective keywords, you can use special services that allow you to track the positions of the product by the selected keywords and find those that need to be included in the title, bullet points, description, and backend section.

There is another important point that many people forget about. This is the optimization of the listing for search through categories. Buyers don't always use the search bar to find what they need. Some people use category searches only to find the product they will buy. Make sure your listing is tuned to this search so you don't lose potential customers.

It’s essential to add high-resolution product images on your product page. Amazon also has requirements for listing images, which you should keep in mind. In addition, don’t forget to use special "hooks" that will help to keep the customer's attention: lifestyle photo, infographics highlighting the benefits of the product, usage patterns, etc. A customer who views product images should look at a whole story about what it is and how it can help to solve his problem.

  • Price Policy

The pricing of your products affects conversion sales. Are you selling your products at a higher cost than others do? Then you may lose the competition.  Many buyers talk about the importance of price when making a purchase decision. Understand the price history first before choosing the right price for your items. Consider your competitors to get an understanding of what the sale price for your items must be. If you keep an eye on competitor pricing and adjust your price in time, you will achieve better results. To do this, you can also use special tools to automate the process.

  • Use of Advertisements

It’s the time when you produce sales. You will find various types of paid advertising on the platform. That includes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Product Display Ads. When setting up Amazon Ads, consider the capabilities of each of its types. Remember: to save budget include negative keywords and use the correct keyword matches (Broad match, Phrase match, Exact match).

Do not start your advertising campaign with maximum bids, so as not to overwhelm your budget. In the end, only tests will lead to victory, during which you will find the optimal strategy for launching advertising campaigns.

  • Use Amazon Promotions

In the struggle to increase the visibility of the listing, you need to use all available ways. Promotions are one of them. Coupons and discounts increase the interest of buyers who want to save and get something more than just a purchase. These promotions increase the number of sales, which rises up your chances to get a higher position in search results, thereby improving product visibility.

The number of sales and product visibility is interrelated, so the higher the first parameter, the higher the A9 algorithm will rank the product. Of course, this is not the only factor, but it’s very important. And nothing stimulates sales growth like giving discounts to customers who love it.

  •  Perfect Customer Service

Apart from ads, the ideal way to boost visibility on Amazon is by leveraging your current customer by offering them the best customer service. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Timely execution of orders.
  • Answers to any questions from customers.
  • Quick resolving of problems.
  • Tracking reviews and feedbacks.
  • Maintaining the health of the seller’s account at the highest level.

The success of Amazon depends largely on the fact that people trust the marketplace. Buyers are confident in the quality of goods, service, and quick resolution of disputes, so they buy goods here with pleasure. Amazon understands this; therefore, they require sellers to provide quality service to customers. In the end, the number of goods sold at the end of the day depends on this, and therefore the profit of Amazon also depends on this. If Seller's Account Metrics are lover the recommended level, this can significantly affect the position of the product in the search results.

Amazon strives to provide customers with the best experience. Therefore, first of all, it will show those products that are not only relevant to the request but also sold by sellers who provide the best delivery and service conditions. Therefore, the seller's rating and the product's rating must also be very high in order to compete with other sellers.


Amazon sellers are often pulled in numerous routes when trying to choose which method will boost their product visibility on Amazon while balancing the operational side of their business. When integrating any of these methods into your business model, it’s essential to put your customers first and hone in on one shopper’s intent to drive the most conversions and clicks.

There you have it!