November 4, 2019

Amazon Product Image Optimization in 2022: What Photos Will Faster Sell Your Product [UPDATED]

One of the vital parts of the Amazon listing is the images. And with regards to Amazon Product Image Optimization, you will have to consider the context wherein they are seen and viewed. An Amazon product image is shown on your product page, displayed on the Amazon search results page as a thumbnail, and shown on other areas which you might not even know about. Therefore, the images must not only meet the requirements but also show your product in a presentable way.

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Amazon Image Requirements

When it comes to Amazon Product Image Optimization, there are requirements you need to keep in mind, such as:

Bare Minimum

  • The main picture must be on a white backdrop.
  • Display the full items without interruptions.
  • Square crop.
  • The picture is at least 1000PX wide.


  • Use at least nine pictures.
  • A single image on a white backdrop shows the whole product.
  • Photos are 2000PX wide.
  • Other pictures include models, infographics, and lifestyle.
  • Images without additional objects and misleading elements.

Technical Stuff

  • Dimension matters, make sure images are 2000PX wide.
  • Images should fill 85% of the frame.
  • Opt to sRGB or CMYK color mode.

When updating current listings, or making a new page for your product, you have to meet the required photo size on Amazon and other technical requirements. If you fail to follow this guideline, Amazon will not accept it. You can check the Amazon product Image requirements on the website for updated information.

Types of Product Photography

  • Product Image on a White Background. This is vital for any item or product on Amazon. If you don't want to be banned by the system, don't violate this requirement and place the product on a white background in the main photo.
  • Lifestyle Images. These kinds of photos display the item in use. These are professional studio photos with the right lighting and foreshortening. They show the concept of using the product in different conditions in real life.
  • Infographics. These photos need design work and show additional details about the product using design and text elements. You can convey a feature, guarantee, put in a logo, or show the dimension of a product with arrows and measurements. Infographic creation also requires the involvement of a designer to help highlight the features of your product.

Image Priority

When you upload product photos, you must determine in what order they will be displayed to the customer. It is important that you think carefully about the sequence of photos that represents your product in the best way. You can better convince the client about the quality and functionality of the product, as well as present it correctly and consistently.

Main Amazon Product Image

On Seller Central, you can upload 9 photos to a listing. However, just seven slots will be evident in it. The eighth and ninth pictures are concealed unless the client clicks into the photo gallery. 

It's very important that the first image must have the highest quality, attract attention and meet the requirements of Amazon. In addition to the fact that it should be placed only on a white background and occupy at least 85% of the frame, there are other requirements and recommendations that you should be aware of.

Browse top product photos of your closest competitors. This is necessary not only to assess how good or bad they are. You can understand at what angle such photos were taken. And then make a photo of your product no less successful. At the same time, remember that you can use color to emphasize your product. Consider whether you can play on the contrast of colors to present the product in an original way, to distinguish it from hundreds of other similar things.

What Should Be the Image?

In Amazon product optimization, there are things to follow for good pictures/photos such as:


Ensure the images have enough resolution to allow the zoom function of Amazon. By enabling clients to look closely at your product, the distance to the product is lessened, and trust is built. Like for instance, when a client is looking for a specific item, he or she can utilize the zoom function to verify and check the parts, functions, and buttons which are available. This could be the main factor that influences decision-making. When product details are visible, buyers can better imagine how it would feel to touch the item in their hands.

Angle and Perspective

It’s your responsibility to upload product images on the Amazon listing, which provide clients a thorough view of the product from all angles and perspectives. If you are not displaying product aspects in full detail it can cost you a client. 

Important Product Features Information

Show your customers what unique features your product has. Explain with the help of a photo why your goods will be a best purchase. It can be a longer power compared to competing models, improved stability due to rubber pads, greater reliability thanks to metal reinforcing parts, etc.

Each product has something that can be emphasized favorably and presented as a winning feature. Your task is to find such features and introduce them to the buyer skillfully.

Pay Close Attention to the Frame

It is simple and easy to concentrate on your picture’s subject and lose sight of the whole frame. However, paying close attention to the corners and edges of your images is exceptionally vital. Fill out the frame. However, make sure to keep away from cutting off the subject of your picture.


You need to display how a specific item will suit the lifestyle of clients. Therefore, if you are offering outdoor things like a tent, you must highlight an outdoor photo with a comprehensive campground setup. When your item can appeal to the type of lifestyle your target clients have, they will be more likely to consider buying it. Also, this is a smart place to integrate pictures of real people with the item to assist in giving it a little life.

Size Ratios

For individual products it can be useful to show their actual size in comparison with other items. So the buyer will have more chances to evaluate the product in detail, to understand how it suits him. And in this way you will slightly reduce the likelihood that any client will complain that his expectations regarding the size of the goods did not materialize. The phrase "I thought it was larger / smaller" is a frequent complaint from customers who find it difficult to imagine the goods using only the indicated sizes in inches.


Apart from showing angles, you can also highlight Amazon product details to give vital information regarding your item. Like for instance, your item is multi-packs, put in a small icon that says 3-pack-or 4-pack, no matter what it is. Putting in and showing product details are highly recommended. 


Show the packaging of your product. While this might not seem as intuitive as the first or in-use shots, it is vital to include it. Imagine, when clients go shopping, they look forward to seeing items in the packages or boxes. Therefore, why must online shopping be any different? Also, this comes in handy when you’re selling special or exceptional packaging, or something high-end.


In general, product images or pictures can make or break your success in Amazon. So, you have to optimize them to increase your sales, and you need to follow the guidelines and make amazing primary images. You also have to compress picture file sizes to boost the load speed, make the pictures to increase search engine optimization, and make use of a wide array of product pictures.

If Amazon product image optimization is new to you, you have to follow and integrate the tips above into your practice. Don’t forget to use any possible opportunities to highlight the product among competitors' products. You’ll see boost Amazon ranking, product conversions as well as profits.