August 2, 2021

Amazon Attribution: What Is It?

Are you marketing and advertising your Amazon product listings outside of Amazon? If yes, it can be quite challenging to measure the effect of such marketing campaigns on your Amazon sales. This is where Amazon Attribution got you covered.

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Most advertising platforms offer you the capability to put a tracking pixel on your website to attribute sales and traffic to your listings, specific campaigns, and ads. Nonetheless, such tracking tools cannot be applied to your Amazon product listings pages and store.

To deal with this concern, Amazon launched Amazon Attribution, which is now accessible to 3P sellers and vendors enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in some other marketplaces.


What Is the Amazon Attribution Solution?

Amazon Attribution is a tool that enables marketers and advertisers to measure the effect of non-Amazon search, video media channels, email, display, and social that drive searchers to purchase your products on the platform.

Examples involve third-party search ads leading straight to Amazon product pages, social media advertising, and keywords with site links that direct users to buy directly on Amazon.

Keep in mind that Amazon Attribution reports have publisher metrics like clicks and impressions, Amazon conversion metrics, like add to carts, detailed page views, and purchases.

How Can I Use It?

Customers explore products and interact with brands across more touchpoints. Amazon Advertising helps to drive attention for your products and brand across some of those touchpoints. However, you don’t know a few non-Amazon channels play crucial roles in the buying journey.

Amazon Attribution allows you to understand how such Amazon touchpoints help your customers explore and consider your products on the platform. You can optimize and organize your digital strategy using such advertising insights and analytics based on what you know resonates with your consumers and drives value for your brand on Amazon.  This is especially important if you want to control the cost of advertising across different channels of customer acquisition clearly and evaluate its effectiveness "not blindly" but based on specific numbers.

Who Can Enroll in the Amazon Attribution? How to Do This? How Much Does It Cost?

Amazon Attribution is ideal for marketers and advertisers who want to understand better the impact of their social, paid search, and e-commerce channels. The program is available to 3P Sellers participating in the Amazon Brand Registry, Vendors, and agencies that provide services to sellers selling goods on Amazon. You can use your self-service Amazon console or use third-party services that are integrated through the Amazon Advertising API.

To enroll in it, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Sign up here to start your journey.

If you are a Vendor, use this form.

3. Create a new order (we’ll cover it further).

4. Copy the link and use it where you need (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

Keep in mind that the program is in beta mode, and you need to ask for access by sending a form on their official website.

Enrollment to the program is based on a first-come, first-served basis. To this date, there’s no cost connected with partaking in this program.

What’s an Attribution Tag? How to Create It?

An Amazon Attribution tag is a tracking URL for a particular product listing you make with your Amazon Attribution account.

Once you generate the URL, you can add the tag in your email, ad, or other digital content from which you like to drive buyers to your listings. By using such links, the Amazon tool helps you to track where your customers are coming from.

  1. Log in to the Amazon Attribution account.
  2. Choose an advertiser to create an order.
  3. Click the New Order button.
  4. Select the Creation method and choose a product for which you want to create an Attribution Tag.

If you want to create a tag for Google Ads or Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, choose Upload a file to create order and tags option. If you want to create a tag for another type of promotion campaign, select the Manually create order and tags option.

  1. You can add a unique name and ID to understand for which product you create a tag.
  2. Choose a platform where you want to place your link from the drop-down menu. Copy a product listing you’d wish to link to direct traffic and measure and paste it into the Click-through URL box.
  3. Select Create button to finish the setup.
  4. Copy the Amazon Attribution Tag and utilize it in the unique advertising campaign you have.

What Metrics Does Amazon Attribution Let You Track?

The Amazon Attribution Console brings together sales and shopping impact analysis across email media, display, social media, and search. The reporting offers you a full picture of how their digital media channels affect consumer discovery, research, and buying their products on the platform.

The console tracks the following metrics:

  • Sales
  • Purchases (clicks, rate, views)
  • Add to cart
  • Amazon detail page views (clicks, rate, views)
  • Impressions
  • etc.

Such metrics offer advertisers insights into every stage of the customer journey to identify the activities driving performance and learn how to optimize campaigns to boost sales and enhance ROI on Amazon.

What Are the Benefits?

Amazon Attribution helps you realize the efficacy of your marketing efforts and provide a few benefits. Some of these are the following:

  • It’s free and user friendly

The program is currently free in the beta version. Are you marketing your Amazon product listings? Then you should measure the efficacy of every campaign. Are you simply assessing the Seller Central business reports? Well, take note that it won’t tell you a certain story of how a customer got to your listing.

  • Amazon product listings can convert better than your site

Have you asked yourself why you should drive traffic outside your Amazon listing than your website? That’s quite reasonable, given you’re paying Amazon a referral charge for each product sold.

Nonetheless, your ads could convert at a high rate because of the customer’s familiarity and trust for buying on Amazon. Creating an Amazon Attribution Account can help you see whether the ROI and conversion rate are better than your website.

  • It helps you to track marketing metrics

A common issue you may encounter is trying numerous marketing strategies simultaneously to drive external traffic and produce sales, but it’s not clear which channels are doing the best. The customizable and on-demand reporting enables you to make a smart decision to assign your advertising resources better.

  • Plan advertising strategies to stay ahead

Rely on the real data you get in the reports to better plan your advertising strategies. Drive sales with the most effective channels to maximize ROI.

  • Increase Amazon sales velocity

By using the most effective advertising channels, you can significantly increase your sales speed on Amazon. This will affect your rankings, which will lead to higher positions in organic search results and more sales growth.

Final words

To sum up, Amazon Attribution offers a wonderful tool for Amazon Sellers to learn how non-Amazon media is helping to drive traffic and sales for their brand on the platform. It also enables marketers to create budgeting and optimizing techniques across paid media channels, which will boost ROI and efficacy.

A great understanding of Amazon’s multi-layered attribution program is essential if you like to establish a strong marketing campaign. It seems somewhat basic, but you will find some caveats that you cannot afford to miss.