April 10, 2019

Amazon Brand Registry: How to Join the Program?

Amazon has been gaining popularity as the leading e-commerce marketplace across the globe. It’s no wonder because it provides a multitude of benefits. More than the massive potential for sales and lots of perks, it prides itself on its Amazon Brand Registry.

When selling a product on a popular site, it goes beyond receiving a high return on investment. Protecting your brand should be a top priority, and this is where Amazon Brand Registry comes to the rescue. Participating in this program also helps protect your listings from hijackers. How exactly it all works, read below.

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What Is Amazon Brand Registry? Why Do You Need to Register Your Brand?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program developed to identify brand owners on the platform. Ever since selling online poses potential risks, registering on Amazon helps brands to produce content and protects their intellectual property.

Unlike the competition, Amazon Brand Registry takes great pride in its dedicated team. Whether brand owners ascertain intellectual property infringement, listing issues, policy violations, or technical issues, they can contact the team right away.

Amazon Brand Registry also enables business owners to access added marketing programs. These can include Amazon Storefronts and Enhanced Brand Content.

Eligibility Requirements

The requirements vary by country. But all US brand owners are required to have an active or registered trademark, the capability to verify themselves as the owner, and an Amazon account. Make sure that the trademark is text-based or image-based.

Advantages and Disadvantages

According to Amazon, over 60,000 brands are registered in Brand Registry. On average, the platform finds and reports 99% fewer infringements than before the development of Brand Registry.

Some of the pros:

  • Brand owners can represent their brand accurately.

Amazon Brand Registry gives business owners more control over their product pages that utilize your brand name. This means possible prospects are more likely to see accurate information linked to your brand.

  • Enjoy powerful search or report tools.

Amazon streamlines the process of finding potential infringement with many custom features. One good example is Global Search. This allows you to search for content in various stores on the site from the same screen without any inconvenience.

  • Additional protection from the Amazon.

Improper use of your trademark, control hijackers, use of your logo on products that do not belong to your brand - all this and much more Amazon Brand Registry will help to prevent. If you register your brand and skip the listings of your products, all information will be assigned to your brand. And illegally using your listings will be much harder. Of course, this is not 100% protection from hijackers. However, it will not add joy to those who illegally try to use your lists.

A Few of the Downsides

It is difficult for small brands to be granted full gated control. One of the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry is that it allows brand owners to control their listing’s presentation. However, for a small brand, the process is quite hard.

How to Join the Program?

Previously, Amazon Brand Registry had fewer hoops to jump thru. But the site rolled out changes to its platform with innovative benefits. If you were approved in the old program before April 30, 2017, it is vital to re-register for the new Brand Registry.

Go to Amazon Brand Registry. Select the country-specific marketplace where you want to enroll your Brand. Then all you have to do is to fill in the three questions in the “Compliance with brand requirements” section, upload your product, including logo images and packaging, and completely fill out the “Characteristics” section. Then go to the entrance to the Amazon toolbar. This is it!

What Does It Cost to Apply for Amazon Brand Registry? Whether to Register Separately for Each Amazon Marketplace?

Applying for the Brand Registry is free. But there are extra costs in registering your trademark. So, be sure to prepare your pocket.

What Is the Amazon Transparency Program?

Amazon Transparency Program is an innovative program designed to help brand owners to protect their business from unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products. It is also specially developed to fulfill the site’s primary objectives of ensuring that only original items are sold and bought on the platform.


So, what’s your thought? Whether you’re in search of accurate brand representation or effective search tools, Amazon Brand Registry has got your back!