July 9, 2020

Amazon Sponsored Display: What Is It?

Have you heard about Amazon Sponsored Display? Do you want to know more what it is and its benefits? Read this article to find out more!

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Do you know that Amazon provides a wide array of Ad products to offer you control over what or who your ad is targeting and where your Ad could show? Amazon Sponsored Display is a one-of-a-kind remarketing advertisement product from Amazon. It enables you to appear your Ad to consumers who have recently seen your product or similar items. This is a flexible and simple way to create an effective advertising, thanks to which even those sellers who don't understand much about the setup of Ads can easily create advertisements.

What Is Amazon Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display refers to reaching the proper audience. It works in collaboration with the current Sponsored Ads function, which allows consumers to see your brand. The added ‘Display’ layer reengages buyers who have recently looked for your brand or interested in products relevant to your goods, so you can reach more potential buyers, which are likely to purchase your items. This is a “lightweight version” of Amazon DSP, which, however, allows you to attract additional traffic to the listing and gives the seller the opportunity automatically create creatives that bring results.

Even more, you get access to reports where you can control the main advertising metrics and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns to achieve better results.

Benefits of Using Amazon Sponsored Display

Are you wondering what Amazon Sponsored Display can offer to you? Here are some of its benefits.

  • Advertising outside of Amazon to attract a new audience to the list of your product.

Using the Sponsored Display option, you can attract potential buyers through various channels: third-party websites, apps, product detail pages or other product-related pages on Amazon. Using various Ad channels significantly increases the likelihood of buying your product.

  • Using Sponsored Display, you increase brand awareness.

If you advertise products and use the right creatives, you draw attention to your brand. Using various targeting options, you can introduce your brand to customers if they don't know it yet, or remind them that your brand is also worthy of attention when they will choose products.

  • Retargeting to attract customers who have earlier interacted with your product listing.

Previously, the promotional products Amazon provided to sellers didn't allow retargeting. Therefore, sellers missed potential opportunities to sell goods. If you use Sponsored Display, you can customize Ads for an audience who have already seen the listing with your product before or viewed products similar to yours.

  • Easy to configure and set the targeting parameters of the advertising campaign.

You just need to create an advertising campaign, specify the audience for targeting, set a daily budget and choose the product that you want to advertise. Since Sponsored Display is an ad that is based on the interests of customers and takes into account the users browsing history of certain products, you won't enter keywords, as you do it in Amazon Brand Ads and Amazon Sponsored products suggest.

This type of advertising has recently been introduced to sellers. Many of them still do not use this opportunity to increase sales. Use this to stay ahead of the competition and drive additional traffic to the listing.

  • You can use creatives that are optimized to attract customers, even without special knowledge in this area.

In this type of advertising campaigns, the seller has almost no opportunity to influence how his ad will look on third-party sites or in applications. Amazon independently makes creatives that most likely will attract the attention of potential buyers and lead them to make a purchase. Therefore, even if you know almost nothing about the design of the advertisement or about how to write catchy text, this is not a problem.

Targeting Strategies

You will find two strategies of targeting: audiences and product targeting.

  1. Audiences
  • View. You can reach an audience who have seen your product’s detail pages or similar items in the past thirty days but didn’t buy. This excellent retargeting option will help you attract a loyal audience that was previously interested in your product. It is allowable for vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Interest. This option allows you to configure advertising for those shoppers who, according to Amazon statistics, have certain interests that are relevant to your product or category to which your product belongs. Amazon takes into consideration interests of buyers and product pages viewed over the past 90 days. It is available only for vendors.
  1. Product Targeting
  • Product. This option allows you to target products similar to the one you are advertising, or products for which it can be a complementary. It is ideal for sellers and vendors.
  • Categories. Amazon also offers a way to target items by category and sub-category. You can choose one or several categories relevant to the advertised product, or those in which it can be a complementary to other products. It is available for sellers and vendors.

Where Will Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Appear?

The Categories, Products, Interests ad types will appear on product detail pages and throughout other Amazon product-related pages. Meanwhile, the Views ad will appear on off-Amazon third-party sites and apps to help in retargeting.

Look at the table for better understanding the features of each option in Amazon Sponsored Display.

Targeting strategies





Off-Amazon third-party sites and apps

Vendors, sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry

CPC (cost-per-click)


Product detail pages, other product-related pages on Amazon on desktop, mobile, and app


CPC (cost-per-click)


Product detail pages, other product-related pages on Amazon on desktop, mobile, and app

Vendors, sellers

CPC (cost-per-click)


Product detail pages, other product-related pages on Amazon on desktop, mobile, and app

Vendors, sellers

CPC (cost-per-click)


Cost of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads is based on pay per click. Therefore, you will pay only if the potential buyer clicks on the ad. You need to set a daily budget at a level acceptable to you. In the process of advertising the product, Amazon independently raises or lowers bids depending on the likelihood of a conversion.

What Marketplaces Are Sponsored Display Ads Available For?

Sponsored Display is available for the following Amazon marketplaces:


We hope we have convinced you to begin using Sponsored Display Ads in your campaigns. You can now take advantage of targeting features, which Amazon has designed for sellers and vendors like yours.  Sponsored Display is a great retargeting opportunity that was not previously available to Amazon sellers. Use it for better understanding how this type of advertising will allow you to increase sales. And do not forget to track key advertising metrics to adjust campaign parameters and achieve your goals.