January 2, 2020

Amazon Headline Search Ads: Your Ultimate Guide

Why are buyers simply sweeping some products off the shelves, while you cannot sell others in any way? Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that customers simply did not find your product among hundreds of similar Amazon positions or are not know your brand. Fortunately, you can fix the situation! Use an effective Advertising Campaign - Amazon Headline Search Ads. You are not familiar with the intricacies of its configuration and use? Then our article will be your Guide to this!

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What Is Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Amazon Headline Search Ads is one of the flagship Ad products of the renowned ecommerce site Amazon that allow marketers and advertisers alike to promote the Brand and certain goods of this trademark.  

Amazon Headline Sponsored Brands feature brand logo custom headline as well as three of your items. This appears on search results and assists in generating recognition for your product and brand portfolio. 

What makes this type of advertising apart from other forms of ads on Amazon is that it is very powerful in helping brands to drive the discovery of the product and get new clients on Amazon. This kind of advertising is aimed at introducing the brand, its promotion. 

At the same time, you can effectively use this type of advertising to promote a specific product that you have chosen.

How Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Works?

The Amazon Headline Search Ads format allows you to achieve various goals:

  • promotion of a brand that is already on the marketplace;
  • effective advertising of a new brand;
  • creating demand for specific products.

The probability of your Ad showing is determined by the size of the bid that you set during the process of setting up the Advertising Campaign. You pay only when customers click on an advertisement.

You can choose the landing page to which the buyer will get after clicking on the advertisement:

  1. Amazon Store, which will present the whole range of your products.
  2. A page with a list of products from your AD.

Referring customers to your store’s pages can be a good way to increase brand awareness and advertising for products in your product line. Even if the buyer has not yet made a choice, but already knows your trademark, it can choose one of your products in the Amazon Store. In this way, you are not just driving sales. You are advertising a brand, your other products, which will positively affect your business.

You should also remember that this type of advertising is based on the use of selected keywords. If you’re not quite good at this topic, use the keywords that Amazon will offer. However, to correct setup Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads, we recommended that you learn Keyword Match Types and use those of them that you choose.

In order for your Ads to show, your bid must be competitive. 

This means that you have to find a middle ground between your financial capabilities and cost per click. But where to start? You have several strategies:

  1. Use the base rate offered by Amazon.
  2. Establish a small rate and gradually raise it.
  3. Set a sufficiently high rate, gradually reducing it.

However, remember that the latter option will be quite expensive for you. Amazon Headline Search Ads typically have higher bids than Sponsored products. And if you don’t adjust the cost per click on time and do not optimize your budget, you may be the loser.

Where Are Amazon Headline Search Ads Placed?

Amazon Headline Sponsored Brands are keyword-targeted advertisements that are shown at the top of Amazon search results, on the left-hand rail, underneath the page in the search result. There are four advertisement placements available for this ad, one shown above the fold, and three placements underneath the search results. 

The Ads which are shown at the top of Amazon’s search result are regarded as major real-estate for search visibility, meaning your advertisement will be the first to view by the clients searching for items the same as yours on the first page of Amazon website. 

You cannot choose where exactly the ads will be placed. But if you want to direct your entire budget to showing ads only at the top of the search list, try the following. Reduce the bid for advertisements that are placed below the TOP list of search results to a minimum, for example, to 85 or 90%. This way you can influence where your Ads appear.

If you have a limited budget, this may be a good option to distribute it correctly.

How to Choose Keywords for Such Advertising?

Keyword Research is vital for the success of HSA. Your advertisement will just be shown if one of the keywords matched the search query. The selection of keywords must be relevant to the items you’re marketing together. 

To get the best keyword, you can depend on tools online that provide free Amazon keyword research. You can also visit your Amazon ads account and see the keywords of the previous campaigns about the same product. We talked about Keyword Research using Automatic Amazon PPC. You can use the results to select relevant keywords when starting HSA. Pick a high performing keyword and then target them in your Ads.

For brand awareness campaigns and the line of products that are presented, it is best to include generic and unbranded short-tail keywords. This targeting option should be used when you are introducing a new brand on the marketplace or just want to expand your customer audience for an existing trademark.

If your goal is to increase sales of certain products, you should use the keywords that most closely match them.

Automated Bidding or Custom Bid Adjustments

Because of the introduction of HSA new Ads placement, ecommerce site Amazon has also given marketers expanded bidding abilities to handle their other placements. You can select to use a custom bid or automated bidding. 

Automated Bidding: In this technique, Amazon will reduce the bids for the other placements based on conversion rated as opposed to the top search placement. This can’t boost bids for other placements. Since the cost-per-click for Ads at the top is higher, Amazon will optimize the cost-per-click for those Ads that appear below the main search results.

Custom Bid Adjustments: Marketers and advertisers can manage the other placement bids manually and decrease or increase bids by using a percentage modifier. 

This allows you to distribute the campaign’s advertising budget and control spending effectively. However, if you are new to this issue, we recommend that you first deal with Automated Bidding.


Amazon Headline Brands Ads are keyword-based and put across Amazon top search results, which make them valuable for reaching customers early on their shopping journey. These are efficient and reliable approaches to develop top-funnel awareness by enabling the brand display offerings for particular buyer search queries. This is vital in driving customers to a particular category of products.