April 14, 2021

How to Create a Single-Use Amazon Promo Code

What are single-Use Amazon Promo Codes? Well, a Single-Use Promo Code for Amazon is considered the best and the safest means of running high-value discount promotions for sellers on this platform. These codes protect against misuse and mistreatment that is likely with group codes or multi-use codes. The good thing about them is that you can control the promotion better and avoid the situation of buying out a large amount of goods if you do not plan to allow this. It’s very easy to create them and just as easy to use. We'll tell you when it’s better to use these coupons and how to set up such a promotion in Amazon Seller Central.

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Features of Single-Use Amazon Promo Codes

These Amazon coupons are ideal for Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media content. You can use these coupons if you are offering a significant discount on your product. At the same time, you can be sure that the number of units will be strictly limited to the amount for which you create such coupons. You avoid “out-of-stock” situations and have a clear control over the Promotions. This prevents Amazon promo codes also from being extensively distributed on deal websites.

A great way to use these promo codes is to advertise a new product. When you launch it on Amazon, you can offer a product to your loyal customers with a significant discount to drive sales and get first reviews. You can also use this strategy for social media advertising to attract buyers and control the number of items that will be sell.

How to create Single-Use Promo Codes (step-by-step)

It is easy to create Single-Use Amazon Promo Codes. All you need to do is to follow these steps

  1. Log in to Amazon Seller Central and then go to the Advertising menu.
  2. Click Promotions link and choose “Percentage off” type in “Create a Promotion” section.
  3. Determine the conditions under which the promo code will be generated.
  • Buyer Purchases – choose “At least this quantity of items” and keep it as 1.
  • Purchased Items – choose ASIN from the dropdown list.
  • Buyer gets – set up the discount percentage. Consider the goals you want to achieve when launching a promotion.
  • Applies to – choose “Purchased Items”.
  1. In the "Scheduling" step, set the following options:
  • Set the start date the end date of the promotion.
  • Internal Description - give the name of your promotion so you can easily find it when needed.
  • Tracking ID - leave this field as-is without changing anything.
  1. Additional Options:
  • Choose Single-Use option in “Claim Code” section.
  • Make sure the checkbox One redemption per customer is marked.
  • Claim Code - this field will be unclickable if you select the Single-Use Promo Code promotion option. Amazon will generate the codes, which you can download (read to the end to understand how to do this).
  • Claim Code Combinability - use the “Preferential” option if you want to allow Amazon to apply for this product the promotion with the highest value only (if you launch several promotions at once) and don’t want to combine this promo code with other promo codes or discounts that may be applied to this product. You avoid a situation where the buyer can get a product almost for free (yes, this is quite possible, it all depends on the conditions of promo codes and promotions).

   If you want to give the customer the maximum discount, you can choose the “Unrestricted” option, but this almost never makes sense.

  • Customize Messaging - if you want to show customers a special message that they will see after applying the promo code, or change anything else, you can do it here. Be sure to check the “Detail page display text” field. Checkbox must be disabled (by default it is, but it's better to make sure of this once again). If you enable this box, then the promo code information will be displayed on the listing for each customer. If you're offering a big discount, you shouldn't do this.
  1. Click Review button to continue to set up Single-Use Amazon promo codes.
  2. Take your time and check all the settings several times to make sure the information is correct. Then press Submit to activate your promotion.
  3. You’ll see a message stating that the promotion was created successfully. But that's not all, you need to do one more thing.
  4. When done, click Manage Your Promotions.
  5. Select the promotion you want to create single-use promo codes for and click View in the dropdown list.
  6. Click Manage Claim Codes tab and fill in two fields:
  • Group Name - the name for the group of codes you want to create.
  • Number Of Codes - indicate the number of unique promo codes that you want to receive as a result.
  1. Click Create button to get your codes.
  2. When the list of codes will be formed (usually, this happens quickly enough), click the “Download” link to get the file with Amazon promo codes. That’s it!

When Do You Need to Use Single-Use Amazon Promo Codes?

A single-use promo code is ideal for keeping inventory to avoid “out of stock” problems during the promotional period and driving sales.

Uses of Single-Use Code

  • Running big promotions, which you do not like to share in the whole social media world.
  • Wish to offer codes, particularly as incentives (but without breaking Amazon rules).
  • You are providing discounts to loyal clients.

By using such Amazon promo codes, you can be sure that only those customers or users whom you seek to attract and to whom you provide these codes will receive them. It also protects your inventory and prevents you from selling more discounted units than you originally planned.


Promotional codes are a great way to drive product sales and attract more buyers to your listing. At the same time, you must set up Single-Use Amazon Promo Codes very carefully so that the promotion will be profitable for you not only in terms of increasing the traffic and the number of goods, which was sold but also in terms of return on investment.

Keep selling it because it's profitable!