March 16, 2021

How to Set Up Amazon Promotions?

There are numerous sellers in Amazon who believe that running advertisements may result to the success of their products offered in the marketplace. Amazon promotions could be your strategy to escalate your business sales online. So, if you are one of the sellers on Amazon, it would be better to know more about the different Amazon promotion types, which would eventually help to introduce your business products to the people.

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What Is “Amazon Promotion”?

Amazon Promotions are ways of promoting the products and services of the sellers online. With these promotions, sellers are given the opportunity to create more sales and generate more income out of their business. The majority of online shoppers always want to have the best deals and offers that they can find in the marketplace. So, a good way of promotion for the products is indeed a great help for the sellers to convince all their customers and potential clients to patronize their products over other competitors.

If you are an Amazon seller and you would like to drive a higher volume of sales to your business, then it is now the time to explore the different types of promotions that you can do on Amazon.

What Types of Amazon Promotions Are Available in Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon allows sellers to use two promotional options: creating discounts to promote on Amazon, and creating discounts to attract buyers off-site, for example through social media. You should consider both options if you want to be successful at this. These promotions can help you to generate more sales easily, especially if you do the right strategy. If you want to drive more traffic to your listing and to know more about how these different types of Amazon promotions help you to improve your business, then you may take a glimpse at the following:

Percentage Off

One of the most encouraging types of promotion online which you may use for your business is by setting up the percentage discount. With this kind of promotion, you have the chance to offer great deals and discounts to your customers by providing them a one-time use promo code or group promo codes.

You can create Percentage Off Discounts only for certain customers so that each one will be unique. You can also choose the Percentage Discount, which will be the same for every customer. You may also post such code on your page so that the customers can easily access it. Moreover, you can use Percentage Off option without any promo code. Let's take a closer look at these options.

One-time Use Codes

This option allows you to create unique codes for each new purchase. Moreover, if several units of a product for which you have organized such promotion are added to the cart, the code will be applied to each unit. This is important to consider if you want to control your expenses and make the promotion profitable.

Therefore, if you want to limit the number of units of a product that a buyer purchases at once, you must specify this in the “Max Order Quantity” field of the listing.

Use Single-Use Amazon Promo Code option if you are offering customers a big discount, such as 50 percent or more. If you are organizing a promotion for a limited number of customers (for example, using an email), this also makes sense.

How to Create Single-Use Amazon Promo Code?

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account.
  2. Go to the Promotions menu on the Advertising tab.
  3. Select a promotion option (Percentage Off) and click Create.
  4. Specify the conditions that must be met for this promotion (determine the minimum quantity of the product that the customer must buy, indicate the amount of the discount, select the product for which this offer will be valid, etc.).
  5. In the next step, select a “Start” and “End” date for the promotion and name it so that you can easily distinguish it from other campaigns.
  6. Specify additional options:

a) Set Claim Code as “Single-Use”.

b) “One redemption per customer” must be set in order to avoid multiple purchases of goods by the same customer.

c) select the “Claim Code Combinability” option depending on how you want to organize your promotion (see details below).

7. Apply the selected settings and check the options again to start the promotion.

Next Steps for Creating Amazon Coupons

After creating a promotion, you need to specify a few more options to make it as profitable as possible for you.

  1. Click “View or modify your promotion” to go to the Manage claim codes menu.
  2. Enter the Group Name (use the same name as when creating the promotion).
  3. Specify the Quantity (the number of promo codes you want to create in order to conduct promotions).
  4. Click Create and wait for the system to generate the required number of codes.
  5. Download codes or upload them to your mailing system if you use one. Once it will be saved, you can use codes to drive additional traffic to your listing.

Claim Code Combinability

This is an important point in creating promotions, so it's worth talking about it in detail.

This option is needed in order to determine how the single-use promo code will be used if the customer has several discounts. This is necessary to exclude almost "free" distribution of goods.

The Preferential option means that Amazon will automatically apply the most favorable discount for the buyer if there are several of them. For example, if you provide a 20% discount by Single-Use Promo Code and a 35% discount by Group Claim Code, then a 35% discount will be applied.

The Unrestricted option means that there are no restrictions on this issue. A Buyer can get a discount on the amount of the promotional codes you provide. In our example, this is 55%.

So double-check this option to avoid mistakes.

Group Codes

Group Сode is very similar to Single-Use Code. But within one promotion, it will be the same for all buyers. You generate a code that any customer can use when purchasing a product. You don’t need to send every client a new code if you are working with a mailing system. Just put this code in every email and your customers can use it.

A Group Code usually looks like this: GET50OFF or SPRINGSALE. Such codes are easy to remember and convenient to use.

You can use code like this in the following situations:

  • When you want to reach a large number of potential buyers and don’t want to waste time creating one-time codes.
  • When you don’t want to track which of the buyers made a purchase using a promo code (for example, you sent it in emails to all customers).
  • When you arrange seasonal sales, sell the rest of the stock.

If you select the Group Codes option in the Percentage off Promotions, pay attention to these settings.

Be sure to check the One Redemption Per Customer box. This will set a limit on the number of transactions for one customer. But remember that this doesn’t impose a limit on the number of items in the cart. And a promo code will be applied to each unit.

In the Claim Code field, you need to specify the code that your customers will use for the discount. As we said earlier, you can use your own code and specify it in this field. Or use the code offered by Amazon.

When configuring Additional Options, you also have the “Detail Page Display Text” option. If you leave this box checked, the information about your promotion will be automatically displayed on the listing. If you don’t want to show this to everyone who comes to the listing, then be sure to uncheck this box. You should also leave it blank when you are offering a significant discount to a client. This will help to avoid a situation when your product is sold out earlier than you wanted.

Fill in the rest of the fields and double-check all settings of the promotion before running it.

No Code

Use this option to manage promotions when you want to arrange a sale for most of your products. It allows you to create a promotion without using a special code. If a buyer places an order that meets the requirements of the promotion, the discount will be automatically activated.

When configuring the Additional Options of the promotion, check the “Detail Page Display Text” checkbox. The rest of the settings can be left as default.


This type of Amazon Seller Central Promotions can be an alternative for Percentage Off. Free shipping means that there will be no cost or fee for the delivery of the products to your customers. As Amazon sellers, you may also use this promotion to encourage the customers to buy the products that you offer. This promotion is good for all non-prime shoppers since it helps them in some specific.

You can specify in the settings of the promotion the conditions when the buyer will be able to receive free shipping. For example, it might be buying a certain number of units of a product.

You can also choose delivery options that will not be available to the buyer (for example, express delivery).

Of course, this type of promotion may not be particularly relevant for Prime buyers, but you can still use this opportunity. After all, not all buyers have Prime status yet.

Buy One Get One (BOGO)

This kind of promotion that you can find on Amazon can be easily understood. Once the buyers purchase one product, then they may be able to get another one for free. As sellers, you may opt to offer the same product, which will be given for free or choose another type of product you have. BOGO is a type of promotion that would be good enough to move out old inventory, increase the sales in your business, and liquidate some of the slow-selling products that you have.

You can change the terms of the promotion according to your promotional strategy. So, when buying 1 unit of a product, the client can get one, two, or even three units free. Or he can buy 2 units of a product and get a third for free.

If you offer this Buy One Get One promotion to the buyer, you need to make sure that you’re not giving away all your inventory to maintain your sales liquidity.

If you choose this promotion option, please consider settings very carefully.

In the first step ("Conditions"), you choose which order the customer should place to receive the second or the third unit of goods for free.

In the ‘Buyer Purchases’ field you can choose one of the options:

  • buy at least "Z" units of goods;
  • make an order for the amount of "$ Z";
  • buy a certain number of goods and receive the product for free.

Then you need to select the products you wish to promote. Use the field “Purchased Items” for this. Fill in the rest of the fields and start the promotion.

Don’t forget to check additional options (for example, enable or disable the display of information about this promotion on the listing page, customize the promotional text, etc.).

Social Media Promo Code

Social media promotional code is a type of promotion that is quite similar to the multi-use promotional code in a group. With this Amazon Social Media Promocode, you will be linked to a certain page for the promotion. This allows the customers to add a specific product to their cart. Thus, there will be an automatic application of the discounts for the product.

To set up such a promotion, go to the Promotions menu on the Advertising tab and make the following steps.

  1. Select a promotion option (Social Media Promocode) and click Create.
  2. In the “Purchased Items” field, select the product (or group of products) for which you want to create a promotion.
  3. Specify the percentage of discount you want to give your customers.
  4. Note the start date of the campaign and the end date. Provide a name that will help you to find and distinguish this promotion from others easily.

Next, you need to configure the Additional Options. We’ll talk about this in detail because this process can cause difficulties.

  1. One of the options you should be thinking about is “Share this promo code with Amazon Influencers and Associates”. If you check the box, Amazon will share your promo code with selected influencers or someone from Amazon Associates. You have to decide do you want it or not. Much depends on the strategy that you choose. However, in most cases, there is nothing wrong if Amazon helps you to drive more traffic to your listing in this way.
  2. Redemptions Per Customer. This is another way to control the promotion, which determines the restrictions for buyers in the number of purchased goods and orders.

You have three options that you may choose depending on your goals:

  • One unit in one checkout - the buyer can use the promo code to buy only one unit and complete only one transaction.
  • Unlimited units in one checkout - a customer can use the discount to purchase an unlimited number of units of a product in one transaction.
  • Unlimited units in unlimited checkouts - the buyer can use the promo code to purchase an unlimited amount of goods.
  1. Claim Code. You can use your code to grab buyers' attention and make them memorable. Or you can use the ready-made code that Amazon offers. If you generate a promotional code yourself, remember that it will ultimately look like this: [discount] + [your code].

The fact is that Amazon automatically adds the amount of the discount that you provide to the beginning of this code. Therefore, if you enter SUMMERSALE, the resulting code will be 20SUMMERSALE (if you give a 20% discount when creating social media Percentage Off Promotional Code).

After everything is rechecked, you need to submit your promotion for approval.

Benefits of Amazon Product Promotions

As Amazon online sellers, you need to use different types of product promotions since they can give you the benefits you are looking for. Some of the benefits of Amazon product promotions are the following:

  • Improve sales – Using these promotions may help you to drive more traffic to your listing and increase the rate of your conversion. These may also help you in improving the ranking of your product online. Because of these things, you will have more sales in the future, helping you to reach your bottom line.
  • Incentivize your new customers – If you give your customers promotions like Percentage Off, Free Shipping, and anything you can offer, you can surely gain new potential customers who will continuously patronize your products. Providing them great deals and offers will surely capture their interest in buying the product that you have.
  • Get rid of unnecessary inventory - Promotions are a great way to get rid of items that are “slow” to sell. You can sell a product that has been stored in Amazon warehouses for a long time and has insufficient, in your opinion, demand. Arrange a stock sale, quickly sell products with a small margin, and then launch new products for sale.
  • Raise brand awareness - Promotions help you to tell about your brand to a large number of potential customers. You can use them to promote your brand and keep buyers interested in your products.


Using different types of Amazon promotions would help your products to be recognized by many people. So, you may consider any of those promotions on-site so that you can generate more sales and eventually gain more profit out of your business transactions.