August 16, 2019

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box: All You Need to Know

Are you an Amazon seller? If so, you are aware that with the majority of products you sell, you will encounter massive competition for other sellers. Now, if you prefer your customers to purchase from you, you will need to understand how to win the Amazon Buy Box. You see, Amazon does not have a particular formula on how you could win the Buy Box. However, the good thing here is that you will find numerous aspects, which are known to impact your chance of winning it.

In this guide, we will present you all the information you need on how to win an Amazon Box. Now, are you ready? Without further ado, let’s begin.

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What is the Buy Box Amazon?

In case you didn’t know yet, an Amazon Buy Box is a particular section on the right part of the product information page of Amazon. This is where customers could include a product to their cart or make an immediate purchase.

If you are the seller who is signified in the Buy Box, your item is the one, which gets included to the cart of the customer. You could perceive the buy box as the bottom of your e-commerce sales funnel. 

Why is the Amazon Buy Box Important?

Amazon has encountered massive growth after it started twenty-five years ago. The company flourishes with hundreds of billions of dollars since then. In the past years, the majority of sales on Amazon go through the Amazon Buy Box. In fact, sales divide uniformly between products given by Amazon and the products given by third party sellers.

For Amazon sellers out there, the Amazon Buy Box is a very valuable goal. If you win the Amazon Buy Box, you get more sales. Because most buyers are accustomed to putting goods into the cart simply by clicking the yellow button. And only a few of them look at the list of other sellers in the listing. Therefore, if the Buy Box is yours, you have an undeniable advantage over your competitors.

The Requirements for Competing for the Buy Box

Take note that there is no winning formula to win that Amazon Buy Box. However, you will find numerous requirements you should meet if you prefer to be a qualifier.

  • Professional Seller Account.

Did you know that only sellers who have bought a Professional Seller account are qualified? So, if you are an individual seller, you are not eligible for the Amazon Buy Box.

  • Buy Box Eligibility Status.

Your status might be evaluated in Amazon Seller Central.

  • New Items.

Make sure that your items are always new. Used products are not qualified for the standard Buy Box.

  • Availability.

Make sure you have an inventory of your listed products. Without any stock, the Amazon Buy Box will be swap to other sellers.

Variables that Impact Your Chances of Winning the Buy Box

You will find different variables, which might impact your likelihoods of winning the Amazon Buy Box. Below is a list of them:

  • Using Fulfillment By Amazon.

Amazon thinks its fulfillment service to have ideal metrics over variables. However, using Amazon FBA is the simplest way to boost your chances of winning the Buy Box. Although that’s a smart option, you must view at the big picture. Assess whether it will cost or save you in the long run.

  • Seller-Fulfilled Prime.

Did you know that Seller-Fulfilled Prime provides top performing FBM sellers? These sellers have the chance to fulfill their orders while they take advantage of the gains of Amazon Prime.

  • Competitive Price.

Even though Amazon doesn’t avail Buy Box privileges to the seller providing the lowest price, you need to list your item at a competitive price. What we are trying to say here includes the shipping and handling.

  • Shipping Time.

This easiest variable looked at by the Amazon Buy Box is the period in which the seller aims to ship the item to the buyer. For particular time-critical categories and products, the effect of this variable on the Buy Box will be much greater. That’s because buyers need fast shipping on those products.

  • Account Health.

Your Customer Experience Score is solely based on the feedback of the seller, customer response rate, as well as shipping performance. Amazon always favors dependable sellers. They tend to get items on time and of superior quality. Also, they administer superb client service. To get an overall picture, you can visit your Amazon account health.

  • Customer Feedback Score.

The Customer Feedback Score of Amazon is updating according to collective reviews from the orders. It also institutes a standard of complete order ratings.

  • Keep Products in Stock.

Amazon always prefers its customers to find what they are seeking for. When your product is out of stock, the platform will get it from other sellers. The more you could keep item stock, the more likely you could affect winning the Amazon Buy Box.

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

If you’re the sole seller of a specific item, you’ll win the Amazon Buy Box immediately. However, it is standard for the buy box to be shared among different sellers. To win a share, you should:

  • Be qualified to win the Amazon Buy Box;
  • Be selected as the winner of the Buy Box Algorithm.


If you focus on the quality of the items you provide, winning the Amazon Buy Box will come by itself. Take note that Amazon FBA shipment, stock availability, and fulfillment are some of the keys. However, if you don’t have a decent looking metrics, there’s a negative chance you can win it. When we talk about the price, you need to ensure you are pricing over other rivals of Buy Box. Doing that will enable you to make the most of the price you sell.

You will need high pricing on Amazon. Therefore, you can utilize an algorithmic reprice to make some difference. You will also require great levels of on-time delivery. In the majority of situations, you might need to be employing fulfillment by Amazon FBA or self-fulfilled Prime.

We hope we provided you all the information you need on how to win an Amazon Buy Box. We wish you good luck!