April 26, 2019

Amazon North America Unified Account: How to Sell Your Product in the United States, Canada, and Mexico [UPDATED 2021]

A North America Unified Account gives you access to the Canadian, Mexican, and US markets. It also permits you to sell your products in three countries from the same store. You’ll have a source marketplace that is determined by physical address once you setup Amazon Seller Central Account. Also, you will have target marketplaces wherein you will start offerings your items with your unified account.

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With Amazon North America Seller Central account, you can switch between amazon.ca, amazon.com, and amazon.com.mx seller tools. This makes it simple for you to list diverse products and at the same time track the orders on the diverse marketplaces. The Unified Account makes it easy for you to manage inventory and share listing details in three marketplaces. Interface makes extra tools and services on hand to help juggle the expansion over the marketplaces of North America.

How to Setup an Account?

Access Amazon’s support and ask for approval for your unified account. If you have a healthy account, then Amazon will approve your request in a short while. In case you register as an individual seller in Canada, you’ll have fast access to Canadian and US marketplaces and take benefit of the Amazon USA sale. Once you register as a seasoned seller in Canada, you’ll have fast access to the Amazon market like Amazon.com.mx and Amazon.ca. But, if you register in the US, you’ll need to ask for approval for a unified account. Creating a new account in other countries is not necessary if you already have an account. All you need is to visit the site and click Amazon Seller Central login.

How to Pick Products to Be Sold in Three Countries?

Once you choose an Amazon market in which to sell in three countries like Mexico, Canada, and the US, you will need to know whether the product is right for the specific country. You need to ensure that you comply with the law of these countries.

Due to a variety of reasons which include reducing counterfeits, and increasing safety and quality, many categories need special approval to sell those items. The list can be found on Amazon Seller Central, and to gain approval you might need to be ungated and offer invoices from the supplier, FDA, government agency documents, etc. In most of these cases, you will have to register for the Professional Selling Account option in Amazon Seller Central.

How to Set Up Product Lists, Track Product Availability for Each Region?

You can set your own settings for each marketplace. To do this, just go to the section "Settings". Here you can set the tax rate, shipping options, and many other options. But make sure you are in the right marketplace.

You’ll need to list FBA products separately for your additional marketplace, as you will be making use of the available FBA service in every region rather than the chosen FBM options, also due to the customs and cross-border selling terms. It’s good to set up a separate marketplace for FBA products in diverse countries.

Market-specific SKU is kept as individual inventory pools at the marketplace level, to be delivered from and to similar regions. So, meaning handling diverse pools for the Canadian and US marketplaces - United States fulfillment centers for the Amazon market and Canadian once for amazon.ca. To refill your inventory rightly, you should switch to the right target marketplace before starting. This makes sure that your product or items go to the correct country’s warehouse.

To get the marketplace-specific SKUs, choose the Unique Offer option when making the latest offers in Seller Central. The price has separate management by region. Ensure you point out quantities on inventory files that you are uploading to Unified Account.

About Registering in the Brand Registry

If you are registered with the Brand Registry, and after that, you decide to sell in the three largest markets using the Amazon North America Unified Account, you will have to go through the whole procedure again. That is, you must register your brand again in each of the three countries separately.

But if you activated the Amazon North America Unified Account and only then applied to participate in the Brand Registry, your brand will be automatically approved in two other countries. Additional registration is not necessary.

Fees and Taxes

You should connect a bank account. You do not need a local bank account in each marketplace country. Payments will be credited directly to your account. And if your bank account is not opened in the country where you are located, but in another, you can use the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS). Then you can automatically transfer money to the account in your currency.

Pay a one-monthly Professional selling plan subscription payment for your NAUA or North America Unified Account.

There are logistical costs to think about, too - things duties, taxes as well as fees for international shipping. Ensure you thoroughly estimate these for your items or products before moving forward.

You also need to consider conversion fees when using Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers. 


These are the things you need to know to start selling to additional Amazon market locations. For more specific information, you can visit Amazon and read about North America Unified Account certification. Contact information is always available for assistance.