November 5, 2019

Amazon Holiday Selling 2019: How to Manage Your Business to Boost Sales

As a seller on Amazon, you have a clear understanding on how the demand available for your products are varying throughout the year. While analyzing this, you should also have a solid understanding on how to manage the holiday sales and receive maximum results as a seller.

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Why Is It Important to Prepare for the Sales Season in Advance?

The demand for products differs during the holiday season. In fact, some of the products that you sell would not have any interest from the customers. On the other hand, you will notice how demand available for certain products is increasing during the holiday season. You must keep this in your mind and prepare for the sales season advance

Important things every seller should keep in mind

Here are some strategies that you can follow in order to boost Amazon holiday sales. People who are looking for Tips to Boost Black Friday Sales on Amazon can also take a look at these strategies and follow them accordingly.

Availability of Inventory

You need to keep enough inventory with you to proceed with the holiday sales. When you do an analysis of what happened during the previous years, you will be able to get a solid understanding on how the demand available for the products varied. By taking a lesson from your analysis, you can get enough inventory. Then you will be able to cater the orders of your customers without facing any hassle.

The availability of inventory at all times can contribute a lot towards your reputation as well. Therefore, you will need to get the right amount of stock and use that to cater the demand you are getting during the holiday season.

Perform an analysis of sales in the previous years, think over what products you will sell during this sales period and pre-order the required number of goods. As an alternative, you can simply order goods from the supplier more often during this period in a smaller volume, but you must first negotiate this point with the supplier.

Lack of inventory can not only hit your seller’s reputation, but also lower the rating of the product, and hence the volume of sales during this period.

Take care in advance of clearing items from stock. So you save money and find additional means for storing those goods that are really in demand.

You can use the TopBSR Dashboard to control your inventory. It displays the number of items left in the FBA warehouse. This will allow you to avoid the “Out of stock” situation at the peak of the holiday season.

Be Prime Eligible

Customers love to get their hands on the Prime offers. Therefore, you will need to be Prime eligible. For that, you can take a look at the requirements and then work accordingly to make yourself eligible for Amazon prime.

Optimized Product Listing in Advance

List optimization is one of the best tips that you can follow to boost your sales during the holiday season. You will notice how the competition for certain products is increasing during the season. Therefore, you should optimize your listing with the usage of descriptions, photos, keywords and bullet points.

Check in on Account Health

You must also ensure that you are maintaining the good health of your Amazon account at all times. Then you will be able to increase your chances of making your account eligible for Amazon Prime. Along with that, you can open up yourself to many opportunities during the holiday season.

Review Product Pricing

It is better if you can double check and review the product pricing. Depending on the research, you should know how to come up with the perfect product pricing, so that you can beat the competition during holiday season. You must adjust the pricing of the products accordingly. It is a unique and an effective trick, which you can follow to overcome the competition and make more sales.

Run Promotions and PPC

You can think about running promotions and PPC campaigns as well. They will increase the visibility of what you offer. Through this visibility, you can make more sales.

Prepare for January Product Returns

After the holiday season, you will have to expect a considerable amount of returns during the January month as well. You should be prepared for them, so that you can deliver an enhanced experience to the customers.

Think about how you will handle returns, what you will do if you need to repack the product? Perhaps the assistant will not bother you? Then you need to hire him in advance, so that at the peak of the season you will provide the most comfortable service to your customers.


Follow these tips and make sure that you are getting the most out of Amazon holiday selling. You will love the returns that these techniques can offer to you at the end of the day.