April 17, 2019

Amazon Global Selling: Expanding Amazon Product Line through Amazon North America Unified Account and Other Marketplaces

Did you know that NOW is the best time to expand your Amazon product line, not just locally, but globally? Amazon is doing its best to reach more buyers around the globe through Amazon North America Unified Account, Amazon EU, and other marketplaces.

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In other words, Amazon Global Selling can help you to enter the international market, sell your products, and open more opportunities. All you have to do is to decide and register in the specific marketplace you like to sell in including:

  • North American;
  • Europe (Germany, France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Italy);
  • Japan;
  • Australia;
  • China;
  • India;
  • Middle East;
  • Singapore;
  • Turkey;
  • Brazil.

Now, let us get more information about the Amazon Global Selling Program.

Amazon North America Unified Account

If your target is to sell your products on Amazon North America marketplaces, you will need an Amazon North America Unified Account. This account will allow you to sell your product listing in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Using your single account, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Manage a consistent inventory and share listing information across the US and Canada marketplaces;
  • Access services and tools help you to manage your business across the regions;
  • Update the account information using a consolidated user interface;
  • Get paid in your local currency to your local bank through Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers.

Please be aware that creating a new account in other countries is not necessary to become an Amazon North America Seller Central.

Amazon EU

Now, if you want to enter the European market, using your Amazon Europe Account you can access separate marketplaces such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

As you expand your product listing to Amazon EU, you can experience the following:

  • Tens of millions of shoppers in 26 countries;
  • Increased sales due to peak seasons and holidays;
  • Cheaper CPC ads;
  • Bigger and growing marketplace;
  • Less saturated products;
  • Features European Fulfillment Network and Multi-country Inventory.

With the power of Amazon FBA, you don’t need to worry about shipping. Packing, shipping, handling returns - everything is provided by Amazon so that sellers can easily sell and customers quickly receive their goods.

You can also be confident in protecting your data. Thanks to the 2FA system, the entrance to the Amazon Europe Seller Account is secure. And this is a big advantage of selling on Amazon.

But don't forget to study the tax laws of the country where you are going to open your business. For example, if you want to sell products in Germany, you need to set the settings on Amazon Seller Central DE. So, you need to know how to collect taxes.

Other marketplaces


Almost 71% of Japanese shop products online, so this is an ideal marketplace for your business growth. Through Amazon logistics and powerful tools, products can be delivered quickly and conveniently. Using FBA, Amazon will handle all the customer concerns or questions in Japanese.


Amazon allows you to access international sales channels, including China. You will be provided with secure payments infrastructures. Also, Amazon will store, pack and then deliver your products to the customers and you have nothing to worry about the product returns and customer service.


On Amazon India, you can sell your products to millions of customers with timely and secure payments. You can access global standard logistics as well as get started in just a matter of 2 minutes. Thus, you can use an easy and fast listing form.

The time that you consider an Amazon Global Selling, it simply means that you will gradually access millions of online shoppers. This is because you are given a chance to sell all your Amazon products in larger marketplaces with the help of Amazon North America Unified Account, Amazon Seller Central Europe, and other features.