December 23, 2019

Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: How to Understand the Difference?

There are two kinds of reviews you can get on the Amazon website; for the products you offer, and for you, as for the seller (assessment of the level of your service, interest in resolving any issues, etc.). Neither is more or less vital than the other. On the other hand, if you are confused about the differences between the two, then keep on reading. This article will show you the difference between Seller Feedback and Product Reviews.

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What is a Product Review? 

Product review is a review of the particular item sold. Product review is nothing to do with the delivery and the performance of the seller and is included on the product’s detail page on the Amazon website. The same as feedback, Amazon makes use of one to five-star rating. Reviews appear on every item’s product detail page.

What is Seller Feedback?

Seller feedback is similar to a report card from clients or buyers about their experience in buying the product.

When it comes to seller feedback, clients are able to leave feedback about their experience with the store, including packaging and shipping, seller professionalism and customer service, whether the client will or will not choose to buy products from you again.

Seller feedback is able to help purchasers choose whether or not to buy from you based on usual feedback score ratings (good feedback scores normally result in better sales, while poor feedback can cause purchase hesitation). It has an impact to the ability of the seller to win the Buy Box. It also causes sellers to be expelled or suspended by Amazon (once the average feedback score doesn’t meet Amazon’s standards).

Amazon makes use of a one to the five-star rating system for 3-rd party sellers, which makes it easy for purchasers to leave a comment. Five stars are the highest rate you can get. The average star rating will show next to the name of the seller on the Amazon seller profile.

Why are both Seller Feedback and Product Reviews important to the seller?

Both seller feedback and product reviews play a vital role to the seller. Seller feedback helps buyers with their buying decision. Usually, buying decisions based on the Amazon feedback score rate. This also helps the seller to win the buy box and keep them safe and sound from being banned and suspended by Amazon. On the other hand, product reviews are vital in knowing how to boost or improve your products and making a sound purchasing decision.

What to do if the buyer confused these two reviews?

If you have received a negative review or seller feedback, but they are contrary to Amazon policy, you can submit a removal request. It often happens that buyers leave negative feedback, for example, about delivery speed, not in seller feedback, but product review. Then such a review can be deleted.


Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews have lots of disparities; however, they have one main goal - development and improvement of the Amazon seller profile as well as products. Even if the seller feedback purpose is to boost your service and the review aims to promote your items in general, both are reliable promotional tools.