December 23, 2019

Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: How to Understand the Difference?

There are two kinds of marks you can get on the Amazon marketplace: for the products you offer, and for you, as for the seller (assessment of the level of your service, an interest in resolving issues, etc.). Neither is more or less vital than the other. On the other hand, if you are confused about the differences between the two of them, then keep on reading. We’ll show you the difference between Seller Feedback and Product Reviews.

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What Is a Product Review? 

Product review is a mark to measure the quality of the particular item which was purchased by the customer. Product review is not related to the delivery or to the customer service. It is indicated on the product’s detail page (Amazon listing). The buyer should only evaluate the quality of the product, the impression of use, the consistency of the configuration, appearance, characteristics to the information that is available on the listing. Customers can use from one to five-star marks to measure their impressions.

What Is Seller Feedback?

Seller Feedback is similar to a report card from clients about their experience in buying the product. When it comes to Amazon Seller Feedback, clients are able to share opinions about their experience with the Seller, including packaging and shipping, Seller professionalism, and overall quality of –°ustomer Service.

Seller Feedback is able to help purchasers to choose whether or not to buy your product based on Feedback Score Ratings (good Feedback Score leads to more sales, while poor Feedback can cause purchase hesitation). It has an impact on the ability to win the Buy Box. It also causes sellers to be expelled or suspended by Amazon (once the average feedback score doesn’t meet Amazon’s standards).

Amazon uses a one-to-five star rating system for 3-rd party sellers, which makes it easy for purchasers to leave a comment. Five stars are the highest rate you can get. The average rating will show next to the name of the seller on the Amazon Seller Profile.

Why Are Both Seller Feedback and Product Reviews Important to the Seller?

Both Seller Feedback and Product Reviews play a vital role to the Seller. Feedback helps buyers with their buying decisions when several sellers sell similar products. When product ratings, reviews, and characteristics are the same, shoppers look at the other metrics to make a choice. Seller Feedback Rating is one of them. The better the service you provide to your customers is, the more positive feedback you will receive. This will boost your rating, and buyers who compare you to another seller will notice it. Usually, buying decisions are based on the Amazon Feedback Score Rate too. The higher Feedback Rating also helps sellers to win the Buy Box and keep them safe from being banned and suspended by Amazon.

On the other hand, 4- and 5-stars Product Reviews are vital to boost the rating of goods. The more positive reviews a product receives, the higher its BSR will be. High ratings lead to more sales due to higher positions in organic search results. You want more sales, don't you? Then you should definitely control the ratings!

If the Buyer Left Feedback instead of a Review When He Tried to Fill In the Product Review Section?

If you have received a Negative Review or Negative Seller Feedback, but they are contrary to Amazon policy, you can submit a Removal Request. It often happens when buyers leave a Negative Review about delivery speed instead of writing it in the Seller Feedback section. Then such a review can be deleted by Amazon.


Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews have lots of disparities. However, they have one main goal. It is the improvement of the Customer Service Support as well as product’s modernization. Track both types of ratings to achieve maximum results on Amazon.