March 30, 2021

Amazon Project Zero: How to Enroll the Program?

Amazon has presented its latest product called Amazon Project Zero. Keep on reading to know this latest initiative of Amazon and its impact on brands selling on this platform.

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What Is Amazon Project Zero?

APZ or Amazon Project Zero is the latest and most motivated response of this eCommerce giant to online forging. It offers potential perks to participating sellers such as automated IP security and self-service counterfeit listing removal, and both provided without any expense and serialization of items, available as a paid-for feature.

The majority of APZ is free, and it’s not totally complimentary. The self-service counterfeit elimination features and automated protections are free to brands; however, product serialization costs a small amount for every product or item. While Amazon does not offer a fee or rate openly, third-party reports estimate pricing at $0.01 to $0.05 for every item.

What Are the Features and Benefits of this Program for Merchants?

This program offers essential features and amazing benefits for brands such as:

  • Auto-Protections

Powered by the machine learning proficiency of Amazon, auto-protection constantly scans your store and proactively eliminates suspected forges and counterfeits. Sellers provide Amazon with their trademarks, logos, and other vital information about their business, and the system scans billions of items listing updates daily, searching for suspected forges. It helps to fight counterfeit listings and protects your brand.

Upon testing with many brands, auto-protection proactively stops suspected counterfeit items instead of what is eliminated based on feedback from companies or brands. This is how Amazon tries to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods by spotting suspicious activity in time and blocking such listings.

Previously, the seller had to independently search for fake goods, file a complaint and wait for the proceedings. Amazon now takes over most of the work.

  • Reliable Self-Service Counterfeit Removal

This offers companies or brands help to fight counterfeit listings or eliminating fake listings. Before, brands would have to report a fake straight to Amazon and then investigate the reports and take necessary action. With Amazon Project Zero, sellers no longer have to call Amazon to eliminate fake listings. Instead, they can do so easily and quickly with the application of the self-service tool. This offers brands the extraordinary capability to manage and get rid of listings from the store directly. So, you can do actions against counterfeit sellers, removing ineligible listings.

On the one hand, this is a great opportunity to take action quickly against fraudsters. Sellers have long-awaited real action from Amazon in this direction, and now such an opportunity is available to them.

On the other hand, it can make additional problems for sellers. Removing listings can be a way of fighting between them if one of the sellers wants to get rid of competitors in this way.

But Amazon will closely monitor the participants in the Amazon Project Zero program and their actions. Therefore, this possibility is excluded.

  • Product Serialization

This is a reliable service that enables you to confirm the product authenticity of every product procured in Amazon stores. This kind of feature offers a unique code for each unit made, and the company put the codes on their products as part of the manufacturing process. Each time an item utilizing a serialization service is ordered in stores, Amazon scans and checks the procurement’s authenticity. Due to the serialization of the product, Amazon is able to find out and stop faking for each product before the clients purchase it.

There is a charge to use this option: you will pay to Amazon of $ 0.01 to $ 0.05 per item. If your sales volumes are small, then this will have a negligible effect on your bottom line. For big brands with hundreds of orders a day, this will become more tangible.

Amazon Project Zero indeed provides a remarkable deal of confidence to brands and customers alike. Amazon cares about assisting in keeping brand-safe and sound and getting rid of counterfeits.

Who Is this Program Available To?

This program was made to make sure that clients really get the real and high-quality product they bought from Amazon stores, driving fakes to zero. Amazon Project Zero is an opportunity for each company or brand to secure their proprietary items from counterfeiting and keep on driving sales while raising brand awareness.

Amazon Project Zero uses the brand’s information of their intellectual property and mixes it with the advanced technology of the Amazon store, and utilizes innovation and machine learning to detect any fraudulent activity. 

You eligible for Project Zero Program if you meet the following criteria:

  • The brand must be part of the ABR with government registered trademark.
  • Owners need to have an account on Amazon enrolled in ABR, own the right of the trademark as well as submit a report with an approval rate of 90 percent of possible infringement in the last 6 months.

Note following:

  • To join ABR and have not utilized the Report Violation tool, you’ll not be qualified to partake in Amazon Project Zero.
  • You are able to check when you are qualified to sign in using an Amazon account related to Amazon Brand Registry.

In Which Countries Does this Program Work?

At this point, Amazon Project Zero is just available to brands in countries such as France, UK, USA, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Canada, Mexico, as well as Brazil.

How Exactly Are the Brands Participating in this Program Protected?

Powered by machine learning, auto-protections constantly scan Amazon stores and remove suspected fake products. Brands offer key data points on themselves like logos and trademarks and scan more than five billion listing update attempts.

This also includes a tool that generates an exceptional code for every item, which the brand is able to print onto current packaging or link into an item with the use of stickers. Then the code is able to scan to make sure authenticity of the product once it goes to the warehouse of Amazon.

Each product that arrives at the Amazon warehouse is marked with a special code. It can be scanned and authenticated. The products are scanned to ensure that counterfeits cannot arrive at the warehouse. Upon shipment, the product is re-scanned, so the buyer is guaranteed to receive original products.

Final Words

Regardless of how big or small your business is, it is very vital to keep the brand secured and protected. It is vital to protect your brand on Amazon.  Amazon keeps on becoming vulnerable to fake listings as well as products.

In the last few years, the technology giant has improved its techniques and methods to remove and discard knocks off as well as black hat sellers. Amazon Project Zero is indeed the newest effort to mix automation technology, Amazon machine learning, and brand information to drive many fake items to nothing.

It needs some job as well as the responsibility from brand owners, and it all depends on how small or big your business is; product serialization might need human resources. On the other hand, it pays a lot to try.