August 1, 2019

Amazon Transparency Program: How It Works?

The selling of fake and unauthentic products had been a major issue in Amazon. This led Amazon buyers to a variety of inconvenient situations. To help buyers to overcome that hassle, Amazon came up with the Amazon Transparency Program.

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What Is the Amazon Transparency Program?

With the help of the Amazon Transparency Program, consumers are provided with the opportunity to prove and verify the legitimacy of their purchases instantly. In other words, they can verify if a seller provides an authentic service or not. On the other hand, it provides the chance to manufacturers to sell their products without dealing with the competition that comes from counterfeiters as well.

If you are a seller on Amazon, you need to think about taking part in the Amazon Transparency Program. That’s because you can verify that you are an authentic seller and you can create trust among potential customers to go ahead and purchase what you offer.

How Exactly Does This Program Work?

Before you enroll yourself in the Amazon Transparency Service, you need to be aware of how the program works.

To begin with, you will need to enroll all the products that you sell into the Transparency Program. Then you will be provided with transparency codes, which you can apply to the products you sell. These Amazon Transparency Codes will make sure that only genuine and authentic products will be shipped out to customers.

When customers receive products, they can use the Amazon Transparency App to authenticate products that they purchased. On the other hand, this app will also contain information about unit-level authentication of the products. This helps Amazon customers to keep peace of mind.

What Information Do the Codes Contain?

The Amazon Transparency codes provide a lot of information. Here are the details that are included in the code.

  • Manufacturing date – Information about the manufacturing date of the product is included in the code.
  • Manufacturing place – Information about the exact place where the product was manufactured in the code to verify that it was manufactured within an authentic facility.
  • Expiry date – If applicable, the expiry date of the product is included as well.
  • Ingredients or materials used – Information about all ingredients used in the product manufacturing process is included to verify that it is made out of authentic ingredients.  

Advantages of the Program

The Amazon Transparency Program guarantees benefits to both buyers and sellers. Because it provides additional protection for both sides.

  • The buyer receives an additional guarantee that the purchased product is genuine, made of quality components, and fully meets its expectations.
  • The buyer can easily check the originality of the product using the Transparency App.
  • Products marked with transparency codes are more trusted by customers because they guarantee the best level of quality. Therefore, the confidence in the seller who participates in the program also increases among buyers.
  • For brands, labeling products by transparency codes is also beneficial. By it, it is easier to track the production date, place of manufacture, and other information at the unit level.
  • Amazon scans the goods before they are sent to customers, so the likelihood that counterfeit goods will reach the buyer is almost zero.

How Can Amazon Customers Use Transparency Codes?

Yes, the customers will be able to use the transparency codes and verify the authenticity of the products that they get. They will have to use the Amazon Transparency App to get the job done.

After purchasing the product, just scan a special code. If the product is genuine, the application will identify it, show a green checkmark and display information about it. Otherwise, a red X will appear on the screen.

How Can the Seller Sign Up for the Program?

You can apply to be a part of this program through Amazon Seller Central. You should also offer a trademarked product to become a member. Then you can add the products and get codes.


Amazon is evolving to provide a better service to sellers and buyers. The introduction of the Amazon Transparency Program is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact. Hence, both buyers and sellers should be aware of it.