June 15, 2021

Track Amazon Product Reviews for Boosting Product's Rating

When shoppers visit Amazon, reviews are a key part of the consideration and research stages. When scrolling through a results page, they tend to consider customer reviews. A product often earns a powerful ranking or places well in search results as it has many positive reviews. Therefore, it is important for a brand to understand the level of customer satisfaction by tracking Amazon product reviews. In this post, we will dig deeper into how brands can utilize reviews to boost their rankings, brand credibility, conversion rates, and so much more.

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Why Are Amazon Customer Reviews Important for the Sellers?

You can easily conclude that product reviews are only for the products you sell, and the feedback is more about the service you provide your customers when they buy the product. There’s no denying that they play a crucial role in your Amazon rankings and sales performance.

  • Reviews matter to Amazon rankings

Would you like to rank higher on the platform? Then it would help if you strived to get more positive product reviews. Typically, positive and reliable reviews will result in a higher click rate, enhanced conversion rate, higher traffic, and higher Amazon ranking.

  • Shoppers decide on reviews

90% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. Over 80% percent of online shoppers trust Amazon reviews as much as personal suggestions. Shoppers believe in the content of these reviews. It also guarantees customers’ loyalty to the platform.

  • Reviews can help with ideas of improving a product

Buyers often write negative reviews if they are not satisfied with something. Use it to your advantage! Try to improve the product so that in the future you will not receive such reviews. Use the review tracker to react to the complaints quickly and improve your service.

  • Tracking reviews of competitors' products can help when launching a new product

Monitoring reviews for products similar to yours during the launch phase will help you to make changes and make them better. This way you can satisfy the needs of your customers and offer a product that they would be willing to buy. An additional bonus for you is the absence of a large number of bad reviews because you will make a product that will be practically devoid of flaws.

Why Is Manual Review Tracking Not Effective?

You may be quite familiar with the “manual” approach to track Amazon product reviews, but you may also be frustrated with it.

At first, manual review tracking could seem fun and enjoyable. Checking for new reviews will surely offer an adrenaline rush, particularly when a 5-star review awaits you. However, that process becomes less reasonable as your brand’s presence on Amazon grows.

With goals as massive as yours, every minute of your day should be focused on those high-impact activities. Clicking through different Amazon web pages does not qualify as “high impact” even though they’re interesting.

Lucky for you, this is where Amazon Reviews Tracking Tool can be extremely practical and advantageous at the same time.

What Are the Advantages of Using Automatic Services Which Help to Track Reviews?

It is not difficult to notice how essential product reviews are. However, what is the most effective way to handle your reviews and stay on top of negative reviews? For sure, you wouldn’t like to check the product reviews page by page when you can use the time to research for other lucrative products to sell.

Time is money. So, take advantage of the Amazon Reviews Checker Tool and put your effort and time into growing your business. Here are some of the benefits of using one:

  • Avoid Brand Reputation Damage       

You could set up the Amazon Reviews Tracker to send an email notification if any negative reviews were left on your listings. You can take the necessary action as soon as possible to safeguard your brand reputation and prevent losing potential sales.

  • Locate the negative reviews efficiently

With Amazon Reviews Analysis Software, you will keep informed if anyone leaves a negative review.  You can quickly respond to any complaints and try to solve the buyer's problem to show your interest in a quality service.

  • Saving time to solve other important business problems

Your time matters. You shouldn't waste it on regular scanning of listings with products you sell in search of new reviews that are published there. Automate the process and use this time to continue developing your brand and improving customer service.

  • You will not miss reviews

Amazon removes positive and negative reviews regularly if the algorithm considers them fake.  But they can be absolutely legal and may contain important information about the product that you need to know. By tracking reviews with a tracking service, you can be sure you don't miss anything.

Automate Review Tracker vs. Manual Tracking: Who Wins?

As mentioned earlier, manual review tracking is a very time-consuming task. When your business grows, the entire process could become less exciting. It is where automated Amazon review tracking tools are extremely practical. By setting up some options, your existing product review data will be completely accessible in your account. You can easily search, filter, and sort based on criteria, which matter to your business.

Some Amazon Reviews Software also configures the entire review data into interactive graphs and charts, presenting you a 360-degree view of every product.


To sum up, product reviews will always play an integral role in a brand’s Amazon strategy. Earning positive reviews is a challenge, but it is just half the battle.

The cost of manual review tracking is obvious: your time is far too important to be wasted on administrative tasks. That’s why you should get an Amazon review tracking tool for a more automated approach to your product reputation management. 

You now understand why Amazon reviews matter to your business and how to track Amazon product reviews. So, what are you waiting for? It’s about time for you to start getting more positive reviews and integrate Amazon Reviews Tracking Tool! We wish you good luck!