January 22, 2020

TopBSR Updates: Improving Tools and Services

We continue to improve our service so that you can use new options and better control your Amazon store.

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  We launched the Beta Tester Program, and thanks to it, Amazon Sellers already use all the available TopBSR tools. We continue to debug the service to eliminate any possible errors and provide you with effective instruments for solving your daily management tasks in the Amazon store.

  A Refunds column was added to the Sales Dashboard, making tracking returns easier.

  To help Sellers to better understand the statistics structure that is available on TopBSR, we added Net Profit, Net Before COGS columns, and also added Popover to Fees.

  Now our users have the opportunity to keep track of the cost of a consignment of goods, so they can now more easily understand the real profitability, and the data in the Net Profit column will be more accurate.

  Duplicate Reviews in case Amazon seller has product variations has been excluded. We monitor such situations and do not allow Reviews to repeat in the statistics that you see in your TopBSR account.

  We continue to improve our service further. Therefore, stay tuned for news on the blog to be aware of all the changes and improvements on TopBSR.