September 28, 2021

Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup: Why Should the Seller Use It?

If you want to rank higher in Amazon's organic search results, you must pay great attention to finding and selecting relevant keywords. Make it easy for yourself and use Amazon reverse ASIN Lookup. This tool helps you to find keywords for which your competitors are already ranking high in Amazon search results.

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What Is a Reverse ASIN Lookup?

Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup is a technique that allows you to find keywords for which your competitors' listings are ranking higher. It is one of the most productive and effective keyword research methods that allows you to find the most relevant keywords and use this information to make the Amazon Product Listing Optimization and create promotion strategies.

If you've ever used the Amazon Search Terms report, you can easily figure out the Amazon Keywords Suggest Tool. Here, just like in the reports, you will see the most relevant keywords for your competitors' ASINs. But unlike regular reports, keyword search services using Reverse ASIN technology provide much wider possibilities. Therefore, you can get the most out of it.

Amazon reverse ASIN lookup includes inputting an ASIN into a lookup tool that outputs keywords utilized in the product listing. You can use the Amazon keywords tool to spy on competitors' ASINs. It enables you to spot what key phrases they're ranking for. Then you can utilize the data to rank for similar keywords.

Are There any Difficulties?

The main difficulty that sellers face is the choice of ASINs to analyze. It is important to correctly identify listings that will be researched in order to obtain relevant results. After all, if you initially do your research incorrectly and start using the wrong keywords, you will get unpredictable results.

You can use at least two ways to identify your real competitors.

  1. Track the best-selling products in your niche and research top20 listings.
  2. Use the Amazon search bar to enter keywords that are relevant to your products. Look at results and try researching the top-ranked product listings. This way you can collect more data for analysis and achieve better results.

What Are the Advantages of Such a Tool for the Seller?

Amazon Keywords Search tool is indeed the best and most reliable way to optimize your PPC campaigns on Amazon and optimize your Amazon Product Listings. Regular monitoring of the keywords of your competitor and taking them out enables Amazon sellers like you to keep up a high rank for the products.

You need to repeat this process constantly in order to achieve your goals. Competitors do not stand still, they also try new tactics, use different keywords and strategies in advertising. If you don't regularly update your keyword list and don’t try to include various long-tail keywords, you will fail.

If you begin to win a bid auction, you have to keep your momentum through regularly optimizing your listings. Many beginner sellers believe that they can just bid on the top 100 keywords. This is the worst technique as it slow and stalls the momentum completely.

There'll always be low converting key phrases, which will consume your campaign fund and give no sales. Nobody can force poorly performing keywords in order to convert to sales. So, the most excellent technique here is to carefully choose the most excellent keywords and then eliminate the rest. You can do this by finding top competitors and then reverse ASIN lookup to look for those high-performing keywords which you must be putting your budget. This is the reason why this tool is very valuable.

Overall, here are some reasons why you should use Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup:

  • a simple search for key phrases that already lead your competitors to the TOP;
  • the use of relevant keywords to optimize listings;
  • creating of advertising strategies using effective key phrases;
  • search for long-tail keywords for point optimization of the listing and advertising.

When Should You Use It?

Aside from tracking the performance of competitors' products, you can also use this tool to monitor your own products to know how the keywords perform eventually.

With many competitors going into Amazon on a daily basis and existing competitors vying for Amazon rankings, product ranking would not keep the same ceaselessly. You must refresh the keywords weekly to keep a high ranking.

Use the tool to solve several problems:

  • Monitor keywords for which competitors are ranked high;
  • Track the performance of your own listings based on selected keywords;
  • Get ideas for new keywords for analysis and use them in your listings when optimizing the title, descriptions, bullet points, backend sections.
  • You can use both options: free way by analyzing information from Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) reports, and paid programs and services that implement this feature.


In general, an Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup tool is the most valuable keyword research tool for sellers. This can assist in keeping toe to toe with your rivalries. This also keeps the momentum going.  Amazon PPC ad campaign optimization and Amazon Listing Optimization has never been simpler with the array of tools available. It is just a matter of picking the superb one.