September 5, 2019

How to Remove Negative Product Reviews on Amazon

Bad product reviews and rating is a nuisance, always. An especially one-star rating can drag down the average rating of the product. Even if a product gathered good reviews, a lot of users read the Negative Reviews to know the downside and possible problems that could arise in the future. These Negative Reviews can result in a drop in sales. As a seller, you have to keep away from this and think of the best possible way to remove Negative Product Review. 

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What Reviews Can Lower the Rating?

  • Negative Reviews. Negative reviews always lead to a drop in rating. A review in which one or two stars is set is considered negative. Besides the fact that you, as a seller, lose your reputation, negative reviews can lead to potential buyers simply do not buy your product. Especially if they see that you are not trying to fix the situation. This can lower your rating, and lower rating means lower sales. 
  • Neutral Reviews. Under Amazon standard, a neutral review is considered negative. Neutral review also negatively affects the rating. The buyer can give such a review even if the product has no defects, but the he expected something more. For example, the purchased folding chair when unfolded is not large enough (of course, according to the buyer).

Removal by Amazon

You can ask Amazon to delete a negative review. That is not something you must count on, though. This is because Amazon deletes reviews once they violate the guidelines of the company. Reviews that have foul language, ads for competing items, or no explanation are all entitled to removal. If you see what you believe is a fake review, click the Report Abuse button and tell why the review must be deleted. 

In What Other Cases can Amazon Delete a Review?

Other cases to get Amazon reviews deleted

  • Using personally identifiable information such as names, URLs and number.
  • Details on availability, price or alternative ordering and delivery options.
  • User reviewed the wrong product.
  • The buyer left a review about the seller instead of a product review.
  • The same buyer leaves a few negative reviews about one product.
  • One word reviews.
  • Negative review concerns delivery problems, if you use FBA. Once it is all about the shipping of the item or customer service, it will not affect the seller. Amazon will take full accountability for these kinds of reviews.

What Do You Need to Do to Remove the Review by Amazon?

You can call Amazon Seller Support to get the negative review deleted. If you think the damaging reviews not by real buyers but that of your competitors, report this problem to Amazon’s seller support right away. 

Comment a Negative Review 

If you have received a negative review, it is important to respond to it as quickly as possible. Write a public comment and explain that you want to correct the current unpleasant situation. For example, offer to exchange a product or return its full value. When commenting, the client will instantly get a notification. Second, it shows other clients who may be interested in the products that you care about customer experience and the product as well. 

You must comment in a way which will minimize damage to current and future clients. If the review is valid, it is vital to make sure you include the following in the response:

  • An apology.
  • A detailed explanation of what you mean to do in a different way to make sure it does not happen once more. 
  • Never, under any condition should you insult the client. 

Product reviews can be edited or deleted by the reviewers or the clients. And if you do everything right, perhaps the buyer will want to change his review. In this case, Amazon reviews edit can save your reputation from going down.

Appeal to the Client with a Request to Remove a Negative Review

How to Get Your Customers’ Contact Details?

It is comprehensible wanting to be rid of negative reviews on your product. As a seller, Amazon reviews delete is not possible as you don’t have access to remove the review. Find a way to know who these customers are and then contact them to modify or, better yet, to delete the review altogether. Follow these steps to get customer’s contact information:

1. Find the Client by User Name.

Its likely look for the client by his or her user name, however, it takes time to look for a specific client. Sometimes the names in the review and order match. And this facilitates the identification of the buyer. But there are times when customers write reviews anonymously, which make it even harder to locate them. Most often it is very difficult to find contact information in this way.

2. Use a Review Management Tool.

In order to independently find a client who purchased the product and wrote a negative review, you can use special services. If you have the money, then the user-friendly management tool can help you match the review to the corresponding order IDs. One such tool is AMZFinder. This enables you to find the clients who have posted negative reviews on your item.

Unfortunately, the service does not give a 100% guarantee of the accuracy of the results. However, its use can significantly speed up the process of finding a buyer.

Contact the Buyer Directly

When you receive contact information, you can contact the buyer directly and offer him a solution to the situation (exchange of goods, full refund, etc.). 

How to Write a Letter Asking for the Removal of a Review?

It is important to write a letter in such a way as to show the buyer that you sincerely regret the situation, and are ready to do everything to solve it. Not because you want to delete a negative review. And because you are worried about the buyer himself, the reputation of your brand and sincerely want to avoid such misunderstandings in the future.

When writing a letter, ensure to keep these things in mind: 

  • Use a personal and friendly tone.
  • Make it clear that you are ready for dialogue, strive to be useful to the buyer and you can solve the problem in a short time.
  • Emphasize the significance of the reviews left by him or her as a seller and how much harm a negative review can cause.
  • Say that you are ready to make a full refund or exchange goods at your own expense.
  • Keep away from engaging in a heated conversation.

Be sure to indicate that the buyer can contact you in any way convenient for him. Leave your contact details and ask to contact you at any time.

Amazon’s Policy Regarding Requests to Change Review 

You cannot say or write directly, can you delete the negative review if we provide you a refund?”, That is against Amazon’s rules and regulation and could result in the suspension of your account. The best thing to do is to apologize and provide a solution to the customer issue.

Don't ask to change or delete a review for a fee in any case. This is contrary to Amazon policy!

If the Buyer Replied to the Letter

If you receive a response, and the buyer agrees to exchange goods or refund, do it as soon as possible. And after he receives it, you can write a letter to him again. Ask if the buyer is satisfied, whether the product met his expectations, if there are any other questions or complaints to you as a seller or to your company. And at the end of the letter, once again emphasize how important the opinion of each buyer is to you. Say that you would be grateful if he expressed his opinion about the solution of the situation in his review (edited the previously written negative review). So you can make sure that the buyer is completely satisfied and the unpleasant situation has already been resolved.

Even if, after all this, the buyer does not want to delete the review or add stars, but simply writes about what you did to solve the problem, this will characterize you as a responsible seller. And for potential buyers, such a negative review will no longer seem so bad.

If the Buyer Didn't Reply to the Letter

The customer may not want to contact you soon. Then you can try writing him a letter again in a week. If there is no answer, do not disturb him anymore. The fact is that the buyer can consider your further letters as spam and report this to Amazon. And this is contrary to company policy. Therefore, it is better not to do this in order to avoid blocking your account or any other sanctions by Amazon.


Negative reviews occur. As a successful seller, it is unlikely you are going to make sure every client has a five-star rating, regardless of how hard you may try. Sometimes there are factors of a sale which are total of seller’s control. There are instances clients have unreasonable or impractical expectations.

No matter what the reason is for the negative review, it is vital to do the above method as politely and promptly as possible. 

Always keep in mind, an unrequited negative review can further damage the seller reputation than a negative review that has been edited, responded or removed.