December 14, 2019

Everything You Should Know about Amazon Packaging Inserts

Each Amazon seller knows how important it is to attract the attention of the buyer and build confidence in their product and brand. Do you know what methods can be used for this? Well, you probably heard about Amazon Ads, branding, and packaging? What about Amazon inserts? What is it and is it worth you to use? Read this article to know more!

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Many people are interacting with the global-famous online market Amazon. Buyers and sellers alike are continuously using this online marketing platform to sell products as well as possible view products to be added to their collection.

But up to what extent is your knowledge about Amazon? Especially in the field of Amazon Packaging Inserts? If you don’t know anything or few things only, then you need to read this article. It will be focusing on everything you should know about product inserts. 

What Are Packaging Inserts?

Amazon Packaging Inserts are forms or printed marketing materials that sellers can include in their Amazon packages before delivering it to the customer. Sellers include packaging inserts into the packages to deliver a message to the customers. These inserts or printed materials come in various sizes.

The content of such inserts should be consistent with Amazon's Policy, and we will talk about this later. Now, pay attention to another important fact: you can use such inserts for marketing purposes. Therefore, you, as a seller, should not miss this opportunity.

Why Would Amazon Sellers Use Inserts?

Inserts are an integral part of marketing. Here are some reasons why sellers should use Amazon Product Inserts:

  • Present Benefits and Features of the Product

 Yes, the buyer has already purchased your product, but this does not prevent you from once again recalling why your product was chosen among others. You can also provide any additional information that will be useful to the buyer. Answer possible questions, emphasize the benefits and in this way you can achieve three goals at once:

  1. Profitable to present the goods.
  2. Prevent complaints related to improper first use of the goods (if you include the instructions).
  3. Show your interest in quality customer service.
  • Upselling and Repeat Purchases

Packaging inserts can also be used as a component of your marketing strategy. Using the printed inserts allows you to induce or make the seller buy more products by inculcating discounts and special offers. If the interest of your buyer has been sparked by the inserts, there are chances that he/she will buy again from you.

  • Receive Feedbacks

 Since the packaging insert provides a message to the buyers, the seller can take advantage of this. Sellers can use this opportunity to entice or remind the customer to leave a feedback. Feedback or reviews are important to increase the amazon ranking of the product, making it important to exhaust all the means possible. One way of reminding your customers is through packaging inserts.

However, you must remember that you cannot ask to leave only a positive review or feedback. You can simply explain to the buyer that evaluating your product and your work is very important for you. Therefore, you will be grateful for an honest and truthful review.

  • Present Other Products from Your Brand

This is also an opportunity for the sellers to market or advertise some of the other products. Surely, there are other fine products from your brand. One way of advertising them to customers is via packaging inserts. This paves the way for your other products to be discovered and even be bought by the customers.

Amazon packaging provides added capabilities in marketing. Sellers should know how to use it to their advantage while abiding to the regulations of Amazon.

How to Add a Product Insert?

This portion will be divided into two parts. One dedicated to the FMB sellers and the other for the FBA sellers.

  • FBM Seller

FMB or Fulfilled By Merchant sellers is that lists their products on Amazon but can ship their products at their own will. Adding an Amazon Packaging Insert is easier for such sellers. As long as they accomplish the order from the customer, they can simply add their product insert in the package.

  • FBA Seller

FBA sellers have difficulty when it comes to package/product inserts, as they can’t add the package insert by themselves. Instead, the sellers can ask their manufacturers to print or add the inserts before the package is sent to the Amazon warehouse.

If your supplier cannot make such inserts, you will have to find a designer to do the job. Ready-made cards must be sent to the supplier so that during the packaging process manufacturer adds them to each of the boxes.


Regardless of the type of seller you are in, the product inserts being added to packages

should always follow the regulation of the Amazon.


What Is the Information that Can't Be Added in the Product Inserts?

Amazon is strict when it comes to their buyers. Buyers should always buy from Amazon and not from third wheel shops. Here is some information that should not be added to product marketing cards.

  • Third-Party Links

Amazon prohibits the addition of URLs or third party links in the inserts. Third-party links can lead to buyers directly buying from you and not from Amazon. URLs are one of the biggest No in package inserts.

  • Incentives Reviews

Amazon is very strict about incentives reviews. Therefore, any hints that the buyer left a positive review or feedback are prohibited. Amazon also prohibits adding product inserts that have discounts for positive feedback. It is strictly against Amazon guidelines.

  • Manipulation Attempts

If you ask the buyer not to write a negative review about the product, if he doesn’t like something, but to contact you directly to solve the problem, this violates Amazon’s rules. Reviews should show how your product works. And if there are problems, other buyers should be aware of this.

What Can and Should Be Included in the Product Insert?

Now that you have an idea of what not to add to your Amazon Product Insert, it’s time to let you know of what can and should be added to it.

  • Benefits and Recommendations of Use of the Product

The benefits of the product should be included in the package insert. You are informing your customers about what are the great advantages of using the product. Recommendations for use should also be included to guide the buyer on how to use the product appropriately.

  • Logo and Brand Name

This is really important because you want to establish a strong connection with the client and make it a regular buyer of the goods of your brand.

  • Solicit for an Honest Review/Feedback

Asking for a feedback is still prohibited as long as you are pressuring the customer or the buyer for a positive review. You must be careful when choosing words to solicit an honest and unbiased review of your product.

Indicate that Customer Feedback is very important. And if a client is completely satisfied with everything, you will be grateful that he will leave a review. If a customer is unsatisfied with anything, explain that you are ready to resolve any issues, and indicate that you can be contacted directly through Amazon.

  • Discount

You can still add a discount to your package insert, as long as you are not asking for a positive review. Discounts do not oppose Amazon’s guidelines providing it be used for repurchasing the same product. This way you drive repeat sales and drive customer attention to your brand.

  • More Information about the Product

You can also add more information about the product. Or you can offer to the customers more opportunities to receive useful information through the follow of pages of social media websites.


Package inserts are another form of marketing and means of informing your buyers. You can add more information about the product, offer discounts, and solicit honest reviews as long as you are following the Amazon guidelines. The above information is some of the must-know details about product inserts, follow this, and you’ll be on the good side of Amazon.