December 18, 2019

Branding and Amazon Product Packaging Design: Why Does Your Product Need Perfect Custom Packaging

Amazon product packaging design is considered one of the most vital factors of marketing on this online store. You can optimize the content on the detail pages of your product and invest in the best and right PPC. However, if the product isn’t appealing visually to clients and consumers, then your product will be taken for granted. 

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There are many reasons why developing exceptional and remarkable packaging for Amazon products is very important. Some of these reasons take account of the following: 

  1. Packaging can be done more practice so that the product itself is easier and more convenient to use.
  2. Customers are more likely to choose a product that visually appeals to them, and proper packaging is very important.
  3. Unique packaging allows you to set apart from your competitors.
  4. The product in the package looks more presentable, thus attracting the consumers to buy it.
  5. A good packaging serves as a smart way of branding your product. 

What Types of Packaging Can Be Successfully Used to Create Your Own Unique Packaging

The main types of packs that can be used to make exceptional product packaging are listed further.

Carton Box. The most popular sort of packaging is the carton box. This packaging option is widespread because it allows not only to present the product well but also to protect it during transportation. 

Cardboard boxes fit most products. However, this does not mean that you cannot use other packaging for your product. If your competitors pack goods in cardboard boxes, try to find a different packaging option in which things will look great. But even if it does not succeed, use individual design to distinguish your brand from others.

Poly Bag. If you are run out of budget, then the poly bag is the cheapest option. However, when choosing this kind of packaging, you need to ensure all the required warning labels on it. 

However, it is not suitable for every product. This is primarily due to the high risk of damage during the delivery process. The second drawback is the appearance of the product, which can push customers away. But if you choose the right option for poly packaging, even such material may be more useful than standard packaging.

Plastic tubes, jars, boxes. This option of individual packaging can also be your winning ticket. This is a good alternative to plastic bags, especially if most of your competitors use such packaging. For example, you can sell your bulk goods in resealable plastic cans (if that increases the practicality for the buyer) and get around dozens of competitors who use standard plastic bags or re-sealable pouches.

Fabric bags, covers, pouches. Such packaging is perfect for goods that need to be stored in a protective case at home or carried with you (but they should not be fragile!). Lightweight, convenient and practical packaging will be useful for customers because it solves the problem of storage and transportation of purchased items.

Other types of packs you can use to set apart from the rest sellers, includes:

  • metal boxes and cans;
  • glass jars and bottles;
  • plastic boxes and cases;
  • combination packaging, etc.

This is the best way to set apart from the rest. When your competitors utilize a polybag, you will stand out by using a carton box that has amazing style and design. If your rivalries utilize carton boxes then step up by using the best type of packaging to increase your sales.

How to Use Shades and Colors When Creating Packaging 

Color can make or break the successful design of your product. Once the shades of the colors aren’t set right, then this can be a disaster. To set apart from competitors, shades can play a vital role. 

The choice of color scheme should be based not only on your personal preferences. It is important that the packaging design is organic and attractive, but unique and unlike those used by competitors.

Consider the trends that dominate in your niche. Pay attention to the shades and colors that competitors use to create similar products. But do not forget that the new is not always better than the proven old. When your packaging design is ready, take a look at it from the side. Would you buy a product with packaging that contains too bright colors, saturated colors and numerous labels? Everything should look organically, and colors should complement each other.

How to Create an Individual Packaging Design?

The world of Amazon package and label design will keep on evolving, provided the fact there is a demand among clients. But the challenge is to be relevant to the increasingly innovative as well as Amazon product packaging design.

If you aren’t an expert in designing, do not even consider doing the job alone. So, search for a reliable packaging design to outsource the design work. Even if you have certain skills in working with graphic editors, you will not be able to make a professional packaging design. Therefore, find a designer who can prepare you several packaging box design options. You just have to choose the best idea.

Be sure to ask for sample labels previously designed by the specialist. So you appreciate his skills. 

What Is the Information Which Needs to Be Included in the Packaging Design?

The essential part of Amazon's custom product packaging is to know what factors or elements need to be included. Don't forget that the information must also comply with the requirements of Amazon and not violate the rules that are defined by law.

When it comes to Amazon product packaging, here are the elements that need to be considered: 

  • Logo;
  • Name of the product;
  • Barcode;
  • Features;
  • Quantity, Size or Weight (if necessary or appropriate);
  • Made in what country;
  • Warning pictograms;
  • Contact Details;
  • Recycling information; 
  • Best Before Date (if appropriate);
  • Ingredients (if appropriate).

If space allows, you can print there an additional information:

  • Product Description;
  • About Us;
  • Brief assembly instructions (it is vital to add thorough guides in the package, in case the items include many parts);
  • Related product advertisement;
  • Safety instructions. 

As you can see, a fairly large amount of information can be placed on the packaging. But this does not mean that you need to try to use absolutely everything. It is important to find a balance between information content and a presentable appearance, and this is one of the main tasks of the designer.

It is important that the packaging remains simple and clear to the buyer. When looking at it, there should be no doubt about what kind of product it is, what purposes it is used, and under what brand it is produced.

Printing Techniques for Custom Packaging 

We have already talked about the right choice of colors above. But this is only half the battle. All due to the fact that the color scheme chosen by you and the designer in reality may not look exactly like that or not at all like on the screen. This depends on the material from which the packaging is made and the printing method that has been selected for this. Therefore, let's dwell a little on the methods of printing images.

Commonly Used Types of Printing

  1. Offset printing

Offset printing a popularly used method of printing today. All the magazines, books as well as newspapers at this point are printed using this technique. This allows you to print individual shades, CMYK mode as well as different modes where spot shades are added.

This is the cheapest way to print. Its advantage is also that with this method of applying the image, you can use almost any kind of packaging.

However, remember that this way of printing custom packaging is beneficial if you print a large number of labels at a time. The more of them are, the cheaper the cost of each of them will be.

  1. Digital printing

Another popular technique is digital printing. This normally utilized for low runs. With this kind of printing, there are limitations to the materials you can use. It can’t work on thick card stock. However, it works well for small runs such as order inserts, labels, as well as packaging inserts. 

One of the main advantages of this printing method is the ability to print even a small number of labels without increasing the cost. That is, if you print a total of 150 pieces, you will spend almost as much as when printing 500 pieces. In some cases, this may be beneficial to you.

If the images are printed on high-quality equipment, they will look no less presentable than those printed with Offset printing.

The main drawback is the relatively high price. However, if you want to get only a few hundred labels, be sure to consider this print option. Because, most likely, it will be an optimal for you.

  1. Hot foiling

With this method, the image is transferred from materials with the use of heat applied directly to the packaging. This is often utilized with digital or offset printing to make remarkable metallic design elements. 

If you use plain gold and silver color in offset printing, you will not get the expected result. That is, the cherished metallic luster on the inscriptions, logo or other parts of the package you simply will not see. Therefore, if your goal is to give an original appearance with a metallic sheen, use this method.

Let's Take Care of the Environment Together!

We are sure that you, like us, are making a lot of efforts to make the world around cleaner and safer. Therefore, when creating your own package for products, pay attention to this point and make the box eco-friendly. In addition, many customers will appreciate it. If you make eco-friendly packaging one of your criteria when it's creating, you certainly will not lose.


Amazon product packaging design can make or break your business. Thus, it must be outsourced to an expert. This will get rid of 99 percent of the issues people make. A skilled designer will know the whole thing, so he or she can guide you in the process and help you with your ideas and concepts.