September 27, 2019

Amazon Influencer Program: Why Does the Seller Need It?

Amazon provides a variety of exciting and new opportunities for their sellers as well. Amazon Influencer Program can be considered as perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. Here are some useful and important details that you must know about the Amazon Influencer Program.

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Amazon Influencer Program: What Is It?

Amazon Influencer Program is an extension to the Amazon Associates Program. With this program, you, as a seller, can not only promote your products on Amazon among buyers, but also receive an additional commission from each sale. Want to know how to do this? Then do not waste time.

The Amazon Influencer Program expects the use of social networks as channels to attract customers. Influencers, whose accounts Amazon approves, can direct their subscribers to a specific product page. By this, they will stimulate sales.

The good news for you is that you can use this program in two cases.

  1. If you or your company has its own account on the social network, and it is quite popular among subscribers, you can redirect customers to the storefront of your store on Amazon (we will discuss this later) or directly to a specific product. It helps Amazon Sellers to earn more commissions by sharing their affiliate URLs on social media. When someone goes ahead and purchases a product through these URLs, the Amazon seller will be able to receive a commission. The concept is simple as that and you will be able to receive outstanding results from it.
  1. If you do not have a page or channel in a social network, you can contact those Influencers who already have more than one hundred subscribers. They will recommend your product, and when it is purchased by the client, they will receive a reward.

What Exactly Is Participation in the Program?

After the application for participation in the program is received and approved by Amazon, influencers receive their own store page. On this page, you can create a storefront in which it is easy to place hundreds of thousands of products.

You will be able to use your own social media pages to promote the Amazon URLs to the followers that you have. All you have to do is to pick the appropriate products and share those URLs, which match with the interest of the fans. Then you will be able to get them to purchase through your URLs, which would help you to earn commissions at the end of the day.

Are There Any Specific Requirements for Those Who Want to Participate in the Program? How to Join It?

All the Amazon Sellers will be able to go ahead and sign up with Amazon Influencer Program. There are no special requirements or eligibility criteria that you should worry about. If you have solid influencer accounts on social media, you will be able to get the most out of it.

There are also no apparent restrictions for influencers to become a member of the program. However, Amazon independently selects candidates from those who applied. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will be able to join this program.

Those who meet the following criteria are most likely to receive privileges.

  1. You must have a large number of followers. The exact number is not called in Amazon, however, the more people will be reached by you as an active user of a social network, the higher the likelihood that you will be among the participants of the Amazon Influencer Program.
  2. The content you publish must be of high quality. Amazon keeps track of what information you give to your subscribers for review. It is important that it be not only interesting, but also useful, and attract attention. Then they will listen to your opinion, which means they are more likely to purchase the goods that you will recommend.
  3. Your posts should be in demand. Likes, comments, share - the more these numbers, the more relevant the information on your channel or in the feed. Amazon most likely also takes these parameters into account.
  4. Relevance for Amazon. It's no secret that hundreds of posts are of no use to anyone. But a dozen interesting topics that are important for potential Amazon buyers are much better. At the same time, what you do as an influencer should be useful to you as well. Otherwise, sooner or later, such a promotion channel will lose its position due to your disinterest.

How Does This Program Differ From the Existing Amazon Associates?

The Amazon Influencer Program has been optimized for social media networks. Amazon has identified that a lot of sellers have a strong presence in social media and they are in a position to influence others. The Amazon Influencer Program was created in order to empower those sellers and get them to contribute towards the total volume of sales generated by Amazon at the end of the day. In here, you will not be promoting the affiliate links. Instead, you will be sharing the URLs of your own products.

Another important difference is the involvement of account owners who have an impact on a wide audience of people. At the same time, when promoting any goods, such people do not just receive a commission from each sale through a referral link. Influencers have on Amazon their own store page, where only those products are presented that they want to promote for their target audience. At the same time, the URL of such a store is remembered very simply, because it has a simple look: Influencers can compile a list of these products, adapting to the market and the needs of subscribers.

How Can This Program Be of Interest to Amazon Sellers?

If you are looking for an effective method to earn some extra money with the help of Amazon Selling efforts, you will be able to take a look at Amazon Influencer Program. It can provide you with the chance to leverage your influential social media accounts to receive a higher earning at the end of the day. Therefore, any person engaged with Amazon selling can go ahead and take a look at Amazon Influencer Program. It can also help you to make more sales with the utilization of Amazon's brand credibility.

Other benefits you should be aware of include:

  • attracting new customers through third-party channels from the outside: you can use your own account on social networks or contact another influencer who agrees to advertise and recommend your product;
  • simplification of launching a new product: you can provide your product for review from an influential person; at the same time, he can talk about all the advantages and recommend his subscribers to buy it, and you can count not only on the growth in the number of sales but also on receiving reviews on Amazon (unless, of course, your high-quality product will appeal to customers);
  • you can choose a product that needs to be promoted: it can be not only a new product, but also goods that just stagnated in the warehouse, and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible;
  • If you are the owner of a popular channel or account and sell your products using the affiliate link, you get double benefits: the commission from the sale and, in fact, the proceeds from the direct purchase of goods on Amazon;
  • sales growth (it doesn’t matter which channels you use for this) leads to an increase in your rating, to a greater number of reviews, which means a further increase in sales directly on Amazon.


As an Amazon seller who has a strong team in social media, you can take a look at Amazon Influencer Program and experience all benefits that come with it. It is one of the best methods to boost your income.