July 16, 2019

Amazon Customer Metrics: Why Should the Seller Keep Track of These Parameters

The sellers on Amazon are constantly being evaluated based on a range of performance metrics. If you are a seller, it is important to have a clear understand about these Amazon customer metrics. Then you can ensure your success as a seller on Amazon and unlock you to a variety of opportunities that are available in front of you.

Here is a quick overview of the Amazon Customer Metrics, which every seller should be aware of.

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Order defect rate (ODR)

Order defect rate is the overall percentage of the orders, for where you got negative feedback from the customers. Apart from negative feedback, service credit card chargebacks and A to Z guarantee claims can also create an impact on your ODR. This is a single metric, which can help you to measure your overall performance as a seller on Amazon. You need to keep the ODR low as much as possible to become a successful seller on Amazon.

Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate

Pre-fulfillment cancellation is the total number of seller-fulfilled orders, which gets cancelled from the seller before ship to confirmation. The Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate is derived by dividing that figure by the total number of fulfilled orders by the seller during that specific period of time. If you want to calculate the Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate of your Amazon seller account, you need to take a look at all the order cancellations that were initiated by you, regardless of the reason.

Late shipment rate

Late shipments are the shipments, which you could not confirm by the expected ship date. The Late shipment rate is calculated when the total number of late shipments under your seller account are divided by the total number of fulfilled orders within the considered period of time. These late orders could create a major impact on customer experience that you deliver as a seller. Therefore, you must try your best to keep the Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate low as much as possible.

Why do you need to monitor the performance with Customer Metrics?

If you want to become an effective seller on Amazon, you need to provide an impressive service to your customers. These Amazon customer metrics can provide you with the opportunity to understand how good you are performing as a seller. You need to try your best in order to keep these rates low. Then you can prove that you are a person who is valuable to the Amazon marketplace as a seller.

In addition, the Seller account can be deactivated if the metrics we reviewed in this article do not meet the requirements of Amazon.


When you are selling on Amazon, you have few targets to meet. You need to make sure that you achieve those targets and continue selling on Amazon. Since Amazon is concerned about delivering positive experiences to customers, you need to be aware of these targets. That’s where the Amazon Customer Metrics will come into play. You need to have a solid understanding about these customer metrics and you will be able to ensure a bright future ahead of you for selling on Amazon.