December 13, 2021

Amazon Search Terms Report: What Is It?

Do you know what it takes to optimize product listings to the core? It is the sound understanding and knowledge of key search terms being used by customers. For these search terms, sellers need to study the Amazon Search Term Report regularly. This knowledge is pivotal when it comes to strategizing campaigns according to business goals. This is because this report is the leading and most credible source about vital search terms.

Plus, it is generated by Amazon itself. Moreover, this report enables the sellers to make the best out of their business. Amazon Search Term Report is the ultimate go-to resource for sellers. 

In this article, we will learn all the integral aspects of the Amazon Search Term Report. Let us get in the game!

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What Is Amazon Search Terms Report?

An Amazon Search Terms Report enables sellers to know accurately how exactly customers are searching for products on Amazon. This report is based on the data about keywords that buyers use when searching your products on Amazon. It also contains information about CPC, ACoS, CTR, and other important features. Amazon Search Terms Report plays a vital role when optimizing product listing and launching PPC campaigns.

Amazon insights that ASTR provides are organically generated by the customers’ clicks on the platform. All of the data presented in this report are based on Amazon's actual information. This makes it the most trusted source of accurate search terms. 

What Information Does this Report Provide?

This report is the one-stop solution for sellers to optimize product listing and understand user behavior. Moreover, it provides the key brand analytics about one’s business on Amazon.

In addition, you can also use an Amazon Search Terms Report for better listing visibility. Let’s see what this report contains.

Points of Amazon Search Term Report

  1. Clicks
  2. CTR (Click-through-Rate)
  3. Keyword Match Type
  4. Spend (INR)
  5. Total Sales (INR)
  6. CPC (Cost-per-Click)
  7. Impressions
  8. Customer Search Terms used
  9. Targeting
  10. Campaign Name
  11. ACoS
  12. RoAS, etc

By using this information, you can better optimize your listing and improve its visibility in organic search results. Moreover, you can launch ad campaigns in a more targeted and way to avoid cost overruns. 

How to Download Amazon Search Terms Report?

With a few simple steps, sellers can download the Amazon Search Terms Report. It’s available in Amazon Seller Central Account. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to download the report.

  • Log in to the Amazon Seller Central Account.
  • On the Amazon Seller homepage, click on "Reports" and navigate to the "Advertising Reports". Simply click on it.
  • Now, it will require to specify a few options. Click on the “Create a report” yellow button to start the process.
  • In these options, first, specify a campaign type for your report (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, Sponsored Display).
  • Next, pick a report type (select “Search Terms” type) along with a period for the report. It is recommended to opt for a 7-day report period or longer. Time unit you should choose as “Daily”.

After this, click on the “Run Report” button. This will automatically generate an Amazon Search Terms Report and it will be available to download.

Why Do I Need to Generate a Report for the Last 7 Days or More?

This is due to the Amazon conversion attribution window. The fact is that if a customer clicks on an Ad and makes a purchase, this is detected by the Amazon algorithm as a purchase/conversion. But what if a customer clicks, looks at the listing with a product, leaves it, and makes a purchase only a few days later? If this happens within 7 days from the moment the Ad was clicked, Amazon detects the purchase as the one initiated by the entered keyword. And you will get this data in the report.

Therefore, if you want to have the most reliable and complete information, use the data for 7 days, or better for a month.

Remember that you can get data in the report no more than for the last 60 days. Therefore, if you want to have up-to-date information about keywords, you need to regularly generate such a report and store it.

How to Use an Amazon Search Terms Report?

Amazon Search Terms Report provides you with the exact search terms used by customers.

Now, we will see how to use these “Search Terms” through four key ways to attain the desired goals.

Optimize Existing PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns

As we already mentioned, it is good to have an Amazon Search Terms Report with a minimum 7 days period. Use this data to make your ad campaigns more effective.

In the report, you will find data on which keywords are driving conversions and sales. Use these keywords in your existing PPC campaigns and track their effectiveness after they change.

If a keyword from the report is high converting, put it into a separate exact match campaign and analyze its results a month later. The results should be encouraging.

Using the data in the report, you can expand your list of negative keywords and make your campaigns more effective through point targeting. Add search terms with low conversion rates and clicks or irrelevant ones that don’t bring sales and are not relevant to your product to the Negative Keywords list. Your ad will not be shown if the buyer enters this keyword phrase in the Amazon search bar. Therefore, you will not lose money.

Create Manual PPC Campaigns

For this, it is advised to consider a report with a period of at least a month. With the help of “Automatic Campaigns”, sellers can generate search term data. Sellers can use this data according to the brand’s needs and advantages.

Look for the keywords that are converting into sales, using the “Total Sales Metrics”. Now, with these vital search terms/keywords, you can create manual PPC campaigns yourself.

This allows you to fine-tune your campaigns by choosing the type of targeting, the type of keyword match, and other parameters. We talked in more detail about how to set up such ad campaigns in our articles earlier. 

Optimize Product Listing

To check the relevancy of product listing, Amazon matches the particular search terms with keywords, that you put into the Title, Description, Bullet Points, Subject Matter Fields, etc. So, it’s important to use top-performing keywords the right way when creating an Amazon listing. If it doesn’t drive enough sales, there is a way for its improvement by placing relevant keywords. to required listing parts.

You should focus on every part of the listing to make the result more exciting. Using Amazon Search Terms Report, you can update search terms that you put into the listing earlier when you get enough data to do it. It allows you to make changes when you need it and get relevant data to test your optimization strategy.

Optimize Backend Section

You can optimize the backend search terms using the Amazon Search Terms Report. This will enable you to drive more traffic and enhance product relevance.

This section allows you to specify additional keywords that are inappropriate to use when creating a title, description, or bullet points. This is a great opportunity to increase the relevance of your listing by using keywords that generate conversions according to the Amazon Search Term Report. Analyze it and select such keywords. Then put them in the Backend Section and notice whether the number of sales you get organically will grow (without attracting ads) or not. In our experience, this improves listing visibility because keywords from this section are indexed by Amazon and therefore can be used to drive sales.

Final Words

Amazon Search Terms Report is surely a value-addition for Amazon sellers. It’s just one of the various useful options provided by Amazon but you should use it to boost e-commerce business. With this report, you can optimize product listing, change Ad campaigns for better targeting and get more sales. This will ultimately enable you to achieve business goals faster.