May 28, 2019

Your Amazon Logistics Business: Risks and Benefits

Whether you wish to be a partner of a growing business that has happy and satisfied customers, or you love leading and building teams, you can be part of Amazon’s Logistics Business. With the low start-up costs, the built-in demands, and provided access of Amazon’s technology, you will have an excellent opportunity to grow, build, and develop a successful packaging delivery business with Amazon Logistics Business. It will come with risks like the chance of failing at first, but you will be sure to be in good hands with Amazon Logistics Business.

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What is Amazon Logistics Business?

Amazon is now a massive and widely used service for buying products. Just in the year 2017, there are over 5 billion products all around the world. One of Amazon’s cut back to expense is their third-party shipping the years. While still incorporating third-party delivery services, they developed their own shipping company, the Amazon Logistics Business.

Amazon Logistics Business (AMZL) is referring to any delivery business by Amazon in the United States. When you see an “AMZL” attached to your order, this means that the one who delivered your order is Amazon Logistics Business.

What is the Difference between Amazon Logistics Business and the Others?

One big difference between Amazon Logistics Model with the other delivery services is that it employs independent contractors. These contractors make the deliveries through a platform called “Amazon Flex.” They also have contract deliveries which are franchises that have 20-40 vans to deliver.

Amazon Logistics Business won’t require any third-party delivery to bring you the package. This means that their delivery is direct from the factory then straight to your doorstep.

Who can be a part of Amazon Logistics Business?

AMZL is looking at employees or contractors who can take on Amazon Logistics Jobs. If you love to lead and build teams, you can be part of the Amazon Logistic Franchise. Because of the growing widespread of Amazon as an online purchasing system, AMZL needs more people, and they’re offering $10,000 as an incentive and $3,000 per monthly salary. If you are hard-working and is has experience in the area of delivery servicing, you can be part of our team in the delivery business.

You will get the chance to have access to the Amazon technology and experience hands-on training and other discount assets like insurance and vehicle leasing.

If you have any questions, use Amazon Logistic Contact to get complete information on how to become an Amazon partner.

Pros of being Associated with Amazon

Starting with Amazon Logistics Business comes at a low cost. You can already be an Amazon Logistics Carrier for only as small as $10,000. They also don’t require any logistics experience. An employee can use their technology and learn their processes because Amazon has already 20 years of experience when it comes to logistics and Amazon Logistics Business Team can gladly share about it. If you need support, Amazon will be behind you in every step of your business. From hands-on training to on-demand supports, Amazon will assure you that your operations will run smoothly.

How to become a partner?

In order to become an Amazon product delivery partner, you must submit an application. You will be sent a detailed description of how exactly such a business can work. And only after studying all the information you should submit an official application on the Amazon website.

Then you need to visit the courses where you will be trained. After that, you can officially open your business:

  1. Officially register your business.
  2. Rent a vehicle, solve the issues with insurance.
  3. Solve organizational issues: buying office equipment, setting up software, hiring an accountant, etc.
  4. Set up an account on the DSP Portal.
  5. Pick a team of employees.
  6. Set up your team’s area.
  7. Train your team of drivers.
  8. Start a business!

You need to understand that you can’t run an Amazon package delivery business from home. In the first few months you will have to devote all your time to this in order to adjust all the processes. You will constantly interact with the drivers you have hired, track delivery times, track customer reviews and do a lot of other work. But after everything is debugged, you will not only become the owner of a successful business. You can expand it by hiring even more drivers and renting new trucks to deliver goods.


By partnering with Amazon Logistics Business, you can learn how to start up your own business and get great experiences and tips from Amazon’s team. With Amazon Logistics Business behind you, your delivery business will be in good hands.

For more info regarding this, you can contact them through the Amazon Logistics Hotline and Amazon Logistics phone. Use Amazon logistics contact.