April 25, 2019

Amazon Exclusives: What Is It and Whether to Join the Program? [Updated 2021]

If there’s one thing Amazon admires, it’s coming up with new ways to improve their services for sellers and buyers alike. From Fulfillment By Amazon to Amazon Prime, the company has continued to expand their offerings. Now comes Amazon Exclusives, a program designed for third-party sellers to launch innovative, unique products on Amazon in a way that makes it easier for customers to find them.

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What Is Amazon Exclusives Program?

Amazon describes Amazon Exclusives themselves as offering a way to launch and build brands by improving marketing opportunities, brand discoverability, and through other self-serve brand tools. Anyone who joins the program is eligible to get merchandising and brand support from Amazon in order to improve awareness of their brand and products.

Pros of the Program

  • Better Product Visibility

Amazon works with sellers in the program and helps them by driving traffic to their product listings with traffic coming from within and without Amazon.

  • Better Promotion

Amazon also provides access to lots of great promotional tools, including access to their onsite marketing, giveaways, branded content, and email campaigns. Amazon Exclusives members are able to enable extra HTML and videos on their pages to better promote their products and showcase their unique features.

  • Increased Brand Protection

The limited distribution of Amazon Exclusives makes it easier for brands to better protect themselves. Amazon establishes barriers that protect the brand and their listings as their profile and reach on Amazon grows.

  • Eligibility for Amazon Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon Prime and Amazon FBA come together to enable sellers to have their products delivered to customers within two days.

Cost, Commission

If you are granted access to the Amazon Exclusives Program, then you’ll have a 5%-point premium added to the Referral Fees as described on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule associated with the account. This premium is applied to every sale associated with the account, so it will be added to every product you offer. It’s recommended that you only apply for the program if you are committed to using it for at least six months, as that is when the results really come in.

What Requirements Must the Seller Meet to Join the Program?

It’s worth bearing in mind that only third-party sellers can join the Amazon Exclusives Program. Here are the requirements to joining;

  • Be the brand owner of the product being sold.
  • Have registered your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Fulfill the product with Fulfillment by Amazon exclusively.
  • Do not sell the product through services and sales channels other than the Amazon marketplace, your own physical store, and your own website.

The products you sell on Amazon Exclusives must also meet certain performance metrics, including:

  • An order defect rate of under 1%;
  • A cancellation rate of under 2.5%;
  • A late shipment rate of under 4%;
  • A Professional account with Amazon held in good standing.


The Amazon Exclusives Program is a great way to get more attention and focus on your products. If you are planning on selling exclusively through Amazon anyway, then you really should consider applying for the program and reaping the benefits for yourself.