January 10, 2022

How to Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

Have you discovered the Amazon Best Seller Badge feature? Do you know what it means for a seller and for his product? If not, it's time to find out!

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Amazon Best Seller Badge is something that most of the sellers strive for. Having an Amazon Best Seller Badge on one’s listing naturally upgrades a trust to a product and a seller for customers. It is a kind of laurel that sellers want to gain more customers and sales. However, it is not that simple. Sellers need to be highly strategic to avail this.

If you want to get it, you are in the right place. Here, we have a definitive guide for you about the Amazon Best Seller Badge. We will talk about the ways you can achieve the goal.

Let’s kick-start.

What Is an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

It is very important to have a sound understanding of what the Amazon Best Seller Badge is. It's a type of approval by Amazon which shows that the product is high in demand. This badge is in the form of an orange button. It's visible on the top-left corner of the product listing in Amazon organic search results.

The icon tells that a certain product has been the best performer among any other items in a certain category over a set period. According to Amazon, product sales are taken into account to get this badge. The rating is updated every hour, so if the Amazon Best Seller Badge is currently assigned to one product, an hour later this orange icon may be lit on another product listed in the same category.

Previously, this badge was assigned to only one product in a specific category. But Amazon is constantly updating its terms and conditions. Therefore, today up to 100 products in one category can be marked by it. Of course, if the category is very narrow, then the number of products with the Amazon Best Seller Badge decreases significantly.

What Should You Know About the Amazon Best Seller Badge?

Probably every seller wants to get an Amazon Best Seller Badge. But before taking any action to get it, let's take a look at some points.

  • Amazon Best Seller Badge is assigned to a different product in a category (or subcategory) every hour. This means that even if at the moment your item has received it, in an hour it will most likely be marked on another item. Given the high level of competition on Amazon, you may not see it on your product’s listing in the coming weeks or months. To get it again, you will have to return sales volume (specific numbers, as usual, are not known to anyone, yeh).
  • Amazon Best Seller Badge is marketplace-specific. This means that if your item received it for amazon.com.mx, then for amazon.com this icon will not appear on the listing. When calculating the volume of sales, only those that relate to a specific marketplace are taken into account.
  • Amazon Best Seller Badge does not appear in all categories. If the sales volume in a certain narrow category (or subcategory) is not enough to get this icon, it simply will not be displayed on any product.
  • Amazon Best Seller Badge is an opportunity to get into the category of Best Sellers, which is in demand among buyers. This category is available to any buyer on the home page of any Amazon marketplace at the top (like Today's Deals, New Releases, etc.). This is a great opportunity to present your product to customers who are not specifically looking for it and, perhaps, would never have known about it. This category is popular among shoppers, so your chances to sell an item are increased if it is listed here.

How Does Amazon Determine Which Product Should Receive an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

As we already mentioned, Amazon takes into account the popularity of a product among buyers based on sales. What do you really need to understand while thinking about this?

The fact is that Amazon never bases its calculations on momentary data. When calculating the volume of sales, Amazon Algorithm also takes into account historical data for a certain period in order to exclude possible manipulations with the rating.

Let's be clear. If your product is just recently listed on Amazon, and you have given it a powerful push through advertising (through Amazon Ads or using external traffic) so that sales have increased significantly, this will serve as a good signal. However, it does not guarantee that you will receive the Amazon Best Seller Badge. You have to convince the algorithm that your product is really popular among buyers, not only in this short period. It should have been in demand before, and historical sales data are great for determining this.

Therefore, if you want to see an orange icon on your product’s listing, make sure that your sales are high for an extended period of time.

Tips to Boost Sales and Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge

Now, let us learn about some tips to drive sales. If the sales volume is sufficient for a certain period (unfortunately, no one knows how long this should go on), sooner or later you will receive your Amazon Best Seller Badge.

  1. If your product is in the same category as a product that Amazon sells itself, you will lose the competition.

This is because you, as a seller, are in notoriously worse conditions than Amazon. FBA, lowest price (or the lowest possible price), Amazon Choice badge will do the trick. Amazon will always win the Buy Box, so your sales volume will be lower.

  1. Choosing the right category can be critical.

This is where the game begins. You need to target the right category, as not all categories are the same. Some categories can be highly competitive in nature. You might go for sub-categories or categories with low competition. However, you need to pick the most relevant categories for your product. Any irrelevant listing can disrupt your ranking.

Here you need to find a fine line between the narrowest category to which the product can belong, and the widest. The point is, when searching for a product by category, shoppers may not go too deep to find what they are looking for. However, even in the broadest category, it is unlikely that someone will look for the product they need. Most likely, visitors will choose something in the middle. Think about it. After all, Amazon’s Best Seller Badge for a category that is too narrow may not bring a surge in sales. The product can be so difficult to find using categories that you will lose some of your organic sales. Look for balance!

  1. Optimize your Product Listing.

Optimization will help you to drive more sales and traffic to the listing. It will increase overall sales volume which is your main goal for now.

For effective optimization make sure your product title is catchy. Next, your bullet points and backend section need to contain relevant keywords with a balanced frequency. Don’t forget about the product description which has to be relevant for the buyers and contain keywords.

Besides that, your product images will be crucial. That is why you need to have high-definition and mobile-friendly images for your product.

Pay attention to Amazon Listing Optimization to get maximum benefits. Even if you don't end up with the Amazon Best Seller Badge, you will make the listing most relevant to your product and customer needs. The Amazon A9 Algorithm will surely like it.

  1. Go for Discounts and Promotions.

This is a smart and quick way to boost sales. Moreover, this tip comes in very handy if you are going to launch a new product.

Every consumer will prefer a product with a discounted price. Plus, who does not like promotional offers? This will ultimately boost your product's sales velocity.

However, do not forget that this tactic can only be temporary. First of all, you cannot sell constantly with minimal margins. It will hurt your business and not generate the income you want. Secondly, the short-term growth in sales is certainly very valuable, but the influence of historical data has not been canceled. Amazon's algorithm is extremely hard to cheat, so don't try to go against the system. Create a strategy that will allow you to get results.

  1. Use Amazon PPC.

Amazon PPC is a great way to attract more traffic to a product listing. By using it, you can increase sales, brand awareness, boost listing visibility. Experiment with the types of ads that are available to sellers and use different advertising strategies to achieve great results in a short amount of time.

  1. Set Competitive Prices.

Remember that setting more competitive prices will always bring you more sales. Make sure your price is more acceptable for the shoppers than competitors’ prices. It does not need to be too low. But it should be a little bit lower than your standard price. For this, you need to track your competitors and come up with a viable pricing strategy.

Another way to achieve the goal is to reduce aggressively the price up to sell the product for the minimum price without any profit. If you are willing to do it (even for a short time), it can give a powerful boost in sales. According to some sellers, this brought them the desired orange badge. However, it is difficult to say how effective such a tactic is in reality. In any case, all decisions you make at your own risk, so always keep in mind it.

Is It Worth Trying to Get Amazon Best Seller Badge?

Essentially, the orange badge denotes that a particular product is among the top 100 products sold in this particular category or subcategory. This icon highlights your product to attract buyers’ attention. Shoppers would be able to see it not just in the Best Sellers section but also on the product’s listing in Amazon organic search results. In turn, Amazon’s Best Seller Badge will boost the chances to make more sales, enhance the impressions and conversions. This badge sets a particular product apart from competitors.

The orange badge helps to attain a certain level of customers credibility to a product and a brand. That is why having an Amazon Best Seller Badge on a listed product means a lot for the seller.

But don't make it the goal of your Amazon selling strategy. You should pay attention to other points that are important when starting and running an Amazon business. Then sales will grow and you won't have to put in extra effort to earn the Amazon Best Seller Badge. Sooner or later it will appear on the listing of your product.

The Bottom Line

Amazon Seller Badge shows the level of popularity of goods in a specific category. If the product is marked by it, this allows you to attract buyers and increase sales. However, getting the orange icon shouldn't be your main concern.

Use your own strategy to promote your product in the niche and you will see that your listing will be marked with such a badge very soon.