May 18, 2020

Amazon A+ Content: What Is It?

Amazon A+ Content refers to the technique offered by Amazon wherein sellers are allowed to boost their product description as well as page details with enhanced images, definition videos, robust FAQs, comparison charts, and many others. These pieces of information enable the sellers to showcase their brand and convey the price of their products to assist clients in making sound buying decisions. It is a superb way of showcasing the brand, and it provides consumers refined shopping experience.

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Benefits of Using Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content have lots of benefits, such as:

  • Improved Brand Awareness: Amazon A Plus Content provides the seller the chance to increase the context and put in a story to their products. They will have the opportunity to discuss their brand, choice of product as well as how they made it.
  • Improved Sales and Conversions: Context and background can turn a visitor into a regular client. Enhanced Content assists consumers in making a choice, and in some instances, it assists to boost sales up to 10 percent.
  • Understanding the Product: By offering thorough product descriptions and sensible expectations of items, your clients will unlikely to provide you a bad review or bring back the product that ultimately can boost the rank of the seller and the capability to win the Buy Box.
  • Improve Competitiveness: Further product information, comprehensive description, as well as background concerning the brand and history will make you appear competitive than others.
  • –°ounterfeit fight: With A+ content, it’s easier for you to build a recognizable brand that customers trust. If you build content taking into account a single style of design, create a brand history and focus on the right details, you will get loyal customers. They can easily distinguish your products from counterfeit products.
  • Right marketing strategy. A+ content is now available to sellers, and it’s much easier to apply strategies that were previously unavailable. The design of the page with colorful live photos demonstrating the advantages of the product, diagrams, comparison tables with competitive products much better show the buyer all the characteristics and advantages of your product than simple lists of options and standard photos.
  • Close pains / needs / objections of the client. Using A+ content, you can dispel many fears of customers that are associated with the purchase of your product. Answer in the text and in the photographs how exactly your product will solve the problems of people, how it will be useful to them, what value it carries. This is a great opportunity to show more widely the advantages of the product, its need for the client and, of course, your main differences from competitors.

Which Sellers Can Use Such A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is just available to sellers out there who have certified as brand owners in the Amazon Brand Registry program, and coming out brand owners who are part of specific managed selling plans like Amazon Launchpad. Vendors can also use this type of content in their product listings.

What Is Included in Amazon A+ Content?

You have 12 modules available, among which you can use any 5 for one listing. You can design the listing yourself or let Amazon do it for you. In the latter case, Amazon decides what your listing should look like based on your photos and texts. It is important to remember that you only have 2 business days to make any changes in listing with A+ Content after its posting.

To date, Amazon does not charge for the placement of A+ content (the exception is only Premium A+ Content). But this does not mean that it will cost you absolutely free. If you want to get content that will catch the attention of the buyer, convey your message to him and skillfully tell the story of the brand, you need to use high-quality photos and creative texts. To do this, you will have to use the services of freelancers. It doesn’t matter if you intend to utilize in-house copywriters as well as photographers or get the service of a company; you’ll need to give an explanation for the costs of content production. Keeping this thing in mind, it’s really worthwhile to make an Amazon A+ page?

Amazon A+ Content takes account of the following:

  • A variety of photographs showing the product in different ways, close-ups, as well as lifestyle photos with examples of using the product in real life. Thanks to this, the buyer can see the functionality, usability, appearance and evaluate other options for your product.
  • The texts, which are the real advantages of your product and talk about how the buyer will benefit for themselves if he/she will buy the product, dispel the customer’s fears about how profitable the purchase will be how really useful the product will be.
  • Brief paragraphs with scannable and clear headers that clarify more concerning the features of the product. It is important that the texts organically complement the photographs, so you do not need to try to write as much information as possible. Keep balance.
  • A segment that is known as “ What’s in the box” lists the components of the product so that consumers are conscious of what they are purchasing.

What Is the Difference between A+ and Premium A+ Content? What Is Available to the Seller in the Premium Version?

It is vital to keep in mind that Amazon A+ Content is diverse from Premium A+ Content (or A++ Content). The Premium A+ Content is an option which consists of a fee as well as provides brands access to 16 modules. You can use any 7 of them instead of 5 in the A+ Content.

The most popular modules in A++ Content are the following:

  • HD video;
  • Video Loops;
  • Testimonials;
  • Subscribe & Save Option;
  • FAQs;
  • In The Box Option;
  • Interactive Comparison Charts;
  • Carousel modules;
  • Hover To Click Options.

Thanks to this, vendors have access to interactive content features. However, Amazon charges a fee for this, which can reach very large amounts (from $250K to $500K).

This option is available only by invitation, and only the largest Amazon market players get the opportunity to use this content.

What Is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

This was an available option to third-party sellers. Previously this allowed you to add additional content to increase sales.You could add more text blocks, illustrations and attract the attention of buyers. However, in July 2019, this option was merged with Amazon A + Content. And today, third-party sellers and vendors can use Amazon A + Content absolutely free. Thanks to this, you will increase the conversion rate and increase sales.

Tips for Creating Effective A+ Content

There are tips you need to follow to create a reliable and effective A+ Content.

Use A+ content to highlight USP. This is a great opportunity to convey to customers your unique selling proposition, highlight the benefits and show the differences from competitors.

Making it simple to scan. Make use of short paragraphs, use subheads, bolding as well as other HTML formatting substitutes which will make it simple for clients to know the biggest perks of your item at a glance.

A brief and accurate description is your competitive advantage. No one will read long posts with spatial descriptions of the goods. Make text messages as short and informative as possible.

Combining Images and Text. When explaining a selling point or key feature, go with the text with an applicable image.

If you decide to do the content yourself or with the help of freelancers, be sure to proofread the text. This is important because errors can not only push customers away, but also lead to Amazon simply not approving such content and not publishing it.

Create your own style of design that can tell the story of the brand and become its continuation and expansion. Do not lose sight of this, because it is very important! It’s great if you can draw a certain line between the design of your site (if any) and the design of A+ Content. But even if there is no site, remember that you will not make out content with only one listing. Therefore, at each of them your design should look organic and attractive.


In general, Amazon A+ Content in its forms for vendors and brand registered sellers is indeed a powerful tool to utilize to develop the trust of the customers, drive sales and conversions, and, last but not least, boost customer retention.

While you are able to make the Amazon A Plus Content alone, professional services is a smart decision. Also, you will lessen the opportunity of having the listing taken for granted and will make the most of your opportunities to improve the income in targeted Content made to convert as well as engage.

No matter what way you opt to, if you have the chance to make enhanced Content, you must not miss this chance of developing Amazon brand identity.