March 20, 2020

Why Are My Amazon AD Campaigns Not Getting Impressions?

Do you still wonder why your Amazon AD campaigns not getting impressions despite a high bid?

As you enter the world of Amazon e-commerce, one of your focuses is to increase your Amazon AD impression. That way, you can maximize product visibility while reaching more customers at different purchase journey stages.

However, like any other Amazon seller, you may also encounter challenges in getting impressions dedicated to your Ads.

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What Are Impressions?

Impressions are pay-per-click Advertising metrics that show the number of times Amazon displays shoppers an AD, whether they click on it or not. As one of Amazon Advertising's key metrics, impressions can be used to know how well an Ad is doing.

Moreover, the total number of impressions includes the display of your Ads both among the search results and on the product pages and is consisting of impressions at the category level intended for product display ADs utilizing product targeting, and keyword targeting.

Why Are Amazon Impressions Important?

You need to track Amazon impressions so that you can effectively measure how well your ADs or how much exposure your ADs are receiving from the shoppers. These metrics will help you determine the relevance of your keywords. Besides, you can use them in aiding in your negative keyword identification or optimizing the keyword experimentation stage. By doing so, you can enhance the efficiency of your AD campaigns.

For your ADs to show up, the content within the product detail page has to display relevancy to the search terms. Keep in mind that product ADs will fail to show up for search terms together with keywords that arent included within the product detail pages content. In short, impressions are essential in getting the necessary data to improve your selling points.

Factors That Amazon Considers When Deciding Whether to Display an AD

When Amazons algorithm decides which AD should appear, it considers some factors. These factors include Bid Level, Relevancy, and CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Bid Level. The bid level has to be high enough. In the case that you have a new product, you need to bid higher than the default bid that Amazon offers. In individual AD campaigns, it may be beneficial to set the default highest bid you are willing to pay. This will help to defeat competitors and get the long-awaited increase in impressions, clicks, and sales. 

Relevancy. Amazon shows buyers the most relevant ADs. Despite your willingness to pay a significant amount just to show your AD, Amazon will not show the AD if it has a relevancy issue. After launching an Advertising Campaign, Amazon analyzes how your product matches the selected keywords and how product listing is properly optimized. In this case, the behavioral factor plays an important role. If, after the Ads are shown, buyers do not click on it and do not make purchases, but simply leave the product page, this will affect the display of Ads. After all, the main goal of Amazon is to make customer experience successful and provide them with decent service. And if at the same time advertising clicks are not converted into sales, it means that the product does not suit customers, and Amazon can no longer offer it. 

So, this is among the reasons why Amazon AD campaigns not getting impressions.

Past Click-Through Rate. If your AD has a low CTR, it means that you are targeting the wrong audience. Shoppers may see your ADs, but they are not interested in clicking on them. Amazon penalizes this kind of Ad by lowering its ranking. So, youll need to target the right audience and make them click your Ads.

Reasons Why Amazon Doesnt Show AD

The reasons Amazon does not display your Advertisements can be very different. But no matter what exactly led to it, you need to find a solution as quickly as possible. Let's look at the most common reasons Amazon AD campaigns not getting impressions.

No Clicks on Multiple Impressions

If an AD does not catch the interests of the shoppers, you will not get clicks. You may not find the right keywords, or target the wrong audience. As a result, customers will see your AD, but will not click on it. As Amazon analyzes statistics, your Ads will stop showing over time. This is because Amazon cares primarily about the customers. And if it will be seen that they pass by your Advertising, then it is simply irrelevant. Therefore, it does not need to be shown. Despite consistent raising of bids, you will not save the situation but waste your budget.

Unoptimized Product Listing

If you still use listing without keywords that match your product, you have every chance that your Ad will remain invisible to the Amazon algorithm. Incorrect selection of keywords will lead to a reduced likelihood of a purchase. It is best for you to place keywords in the backend, description, bullet points, and title to promote your product.

In the case your product listing has poor quality photos, it will remain unoptimized. Remember that product image is critical in significantly distinguishing your products from your competitors. So, dont neglect these opportunities. In addition, this is an important factor that affects the likelihood of buying a product. Therefore, Amazon also pays attention to this.

Low Product Rating or now Reviews can also decrease the likelihood of a purchase. Be aware that Amazon carefully examines any potential factors that can affect the shoppers buying decisions. So, it is necessary for you to keep your product listing optimized.

Invalid Category or Subcategory

Incorrect product category or subcategory is a common mistake among many sellers. If shoppers take a quick look at your listing and understand it, they will leave the product page.

The second important point is the description of the product. If it is unclear or the presentation is poor, you cannot meet the expectations of the clients. As a result, they’ll leave your page, and Amazon will stop showing your AD. That is because it will consider your AD irrelevant for a given keyword or query.

Low Bids

Low bids are the most common mistake by Amazon sellers. If bids arent high enough, most probably, your AD will not show up. More often, even if your bids are equivalent to the recommended bid by Amazon, you might still not get impressions. So, it is best for you to increase your bids. If you will see that the number of impressions and clicks has increased, you can try to lower the bid. So you can make your own Advertising Strategy and control your AD budget.

Promotion of Ineligible Items

Without realizing it, you may be promoting an ineligible product item. This may be the case when the item is not competitive in price, not in stock, and more.

Insufficient Runtime

Before Amazon has sufficient data to display, it has to run ADs for some time. In the case that you do not have impressions yet, it suggests that your ADs are not given enough time. So, it is an excellent idea just to let Amazon run your Ads for a while. However, to collect enough data for a deeper analysis, you need to wait at least two weeks, as Amazon recommends, or more.

However, Amazon favors products with a well-established history for a particular keyword. Once you place your ADs for new keywords that lead to a specific product with an effective Ads history for another keyword, increasing the bid over-proportionally is necessary. That is to bring about both first impressions and clicks.

In addition to this, you must remember an important thing. For an Automatic Advertising Campaign, Amazon uses data that has previously been analyzed. Therefore, sometimes you may notice that such campaigns collect more impressions than campaigns with manual targeting.


Impressions are Amazons key metrics that inform you whether your AD campaigns are successful or not. On the other hand, you need to keep an eye on the factors that Amazon considers whether to display an AD or not, such as bid level, relevancy, and CTRs. Besides, you also need to know and understand why Amazon AD campaigns not getting impressions. That way, youll know what will be your next steps to improve your impressions.