What keyword information for each product is available to me?

For each product, you can specify a list of keywords that you want to track. To view information on, click on the Keywords link next to the product name link.


The following information is available for each keyword:

  • Chart - a graph with the dynamics of changing the position of the keyword for the selected period (today, 7 days, month).
  • Position - keyword position changes.
  1. Current - current position of the keyword.
  2. Delta - change of position relative to the last check.
  • Page - page on which the product is located for the selected keyword in the Amazon search results.
  • Action - actions which are available to perform.

 View –°hart

You can track the dynamics of BSR changes on the chart. Click on the thumbnail image of the chart.


A BSR growth / decrease graph will be built for the selected period.


Keyword Search

 If the product has many keywords, use the search system to quickly view information on one of them.


Use double arrows to sort keywords:

  • alphabetically;
  • by page number;
  • by position number.